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New Member
I am currently a undergraduate student looking to Escape the city before i get entangled into the wrong job or place and determined to make the most out of my life. I do believe there are vast oppo...
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New Member
Bonjour, right after graduating I got my first job at RED BULL France : the company was only 1 year-old. It was great challenge to start with. I have been working in the Operations Department for ...
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New Member
Hello world, I did it! I've taken the leap and it feels great. A brand agent and project lead passionate about driving change - I am now looking to help a purposeful tech start-up propel. I am als...
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New Member
I'm a marketing / content creator with over 15 years experience in the entertainment & digital field. A brit in LA. I have been transiting from marketing and making content for other people to mak...
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New Member
Recent Escapee, former marketeer, now founder of a start-up changing the face of amateur sport in Asia (starting with football). I am looking for a tech co-founder, a passionate sports fan/player, ...
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New Member
I'm a graduate of Quinnipiac University. I have a bachelors in Math and am currently working towards a masters in Organizational Leadership. I am about to go abroad to Nicaragua where I will work i...
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New Member
I am a professional whose dissatisfaction with a legal life in the corporate world has finally come to a head after seven years of the grind. I will happily entertain any job that can give me chan...
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New Member
I'm filmmaker/photographer with a multidisciplinary creative background in graphic design, advertising art direction, photography and filmmaking. I'm looking for an opportunity to creative films an...
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New Member
I am a 34yr old storyteller, strategist, creative thinker & innovator who has spent the first 14 years of his career in investment management. I am an actuary by profession, I am an amateur actor a...
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New Member
I currently work in an independent library coordinating computer courses for seniors. I'm looking to gain experience in non-profit organizations where I can test my abilities to work with limited ...
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New Member
Volunteer Trinity is a volunteer teaching organisation which is currently working with a school in Southern India. We have the potential to develop links to 7 more schools in India, and 3 schools i...
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New Member
I'm a Canadian Corporate Development and Research professional with 4 years of experience. I'm looking for job opportunities in London, Toronto, or abroad in small organizations looking for someone...
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