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MG Fit in Fitness training operates unique fitness escape project for profesionals and celebrities since 2003. We are tailored personal training company that focus individual fitness who would like...
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I'm Adam, I've been a consultant in Retail for a while, I'm sick of being on the road. I'm a bit of a round plug in a square hole in the big corporate world...so it's escape time.
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New Member
Experienced and passionate marketing professional. I'm told I'm very good at relationships building and negotiations. I have a dream .... I want to speak fluent Italian, live in Portugal or Italy...
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New Member
Innovative, fast-minded and results-oriented leader with 10 years of international experience in joining business strategy and technological realities backed by analytic insights looking for an opp...
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Hello, I am currently working as a Content Manager for Opigram, the new project at the heart of YouGov, the international public opinion and market research company. I am looking for opportunities ...
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Hi there, I am Phil Byrne, a web marketeer originally from the UK and now living and working across a number of places on this fine Earth. I adore everything web, music, film and travel related. I'...
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New Member
I'm a Public Relations, Social Media and Content Strategist with 4 years experience. I'm looking for any job opportunities that take me away from the city, literally. I'm also a novice ice cream ma...
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New Member
Hi there! I've been working as a ship broker in the city for 8 years since graduating from University. It is an interesting and well paid profession, but something deep inside is asking "is there ...
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Hi Everyone, I am currently working as a service manager in the lift and escalator industry and have lots of international project management experience behind me in the lift industry and also man...
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New Member
Hey everyone, will update this soon as. Basically I gave up comfortable I.T. job I was in for fifteen years and started a charity. www.mondolocofoundation.org We are encouraging sustainable growth ...
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New Member
Hi there, I am an event and training coordinator with over 8 years in customer service. I am looking for a job opportunity in event management/ coordination abroad or at home they will introduce me...
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New Member
I'm globalization specialist who's only good at being Canadian when I'm outside of Canada. 
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