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New Member
Hello, I am recent college graduate with a bachelors degree is Science. This includes a triple minor in Environmental Science, Geology and Atmospheric Science. Im looking for a job or volunteer opp...
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New Member
Hopeless extrovert and new experience addict. Strategy consultant interested in all things related to sustainability and renewable energy.
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New Member
Hi escape the city, I am an ex-army officer who is currently working as a consultant in the third sector. I have 10 yrs experience of project management which has incorporated change and HR proces...
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New Member
Dear all, my name is Caterina Spinola. I'm working in a Press Office in PR and Fashion Communication. I'm looking for job opportunities in Communication, PR, fashion Pr, fashion event, marketing/pr...
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New Member
I'm Online Image Consultant helping with online presence! I cover everything from photography, social media to web.
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New Member
Curiosity and an openness to challenges is what keeps me alive, fresh, mindful. Through creativity, I hope to provide stimulation for the playful mind, share opportunities for growth and create mea...
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New Member
Hi there, I am an out-going and ambitious Project Manager with experience in coordinating varied events developed at the London 2012 Olympics. I am pationated about sport, and I enjoy doing eve...
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New Member
Hello world! I'm a recent graduate with plenty of international work experience. I'm looking for job opportunities in the social entrepreneurship or strategic philanthropy sector. I love traveling ...
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New Member
I'm a Graphic designer and photographer with 6 years of experience working internationally. I am looking to work with enthusiastic startup companies, working on all aspects of their visual communic...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I have been working in Sales & Marketing for 3 years, and am currently Associate Director of all consumer Sales & Marketing for London and the UK at Berlitz, a leading multi-national g...
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New Member
I'm an experienced Merchandiser and Production Manager who can help with sourcing, creating, and selling products to a range of consumers.
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New Member
A constant wanderer, I've worked in Northern China as a teacher, London in Financial services and now publishing. I love adventure, travel and most importantly, helping others.I have a young f...
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