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Hello everyone, my name is Sahra and Im currently living in Abu Dhabi and working as a school counselor. I have been here for the last 3 years and I wouldn't mind a change towards the sun.
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New Member
Professional Sports Soft Tissue Therapist & Trainer - @ThStMarysClinic EPACC/TASS, @TeddersHockey + EliteProTeams #London2012 GamesMaker *info@sportific.co.uk*
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New Member
Hey, I'm an advertising and events professional having project managed a multitude of accounts from a multi million dollar TVC to the entertainment provision of the Abu Dhabi Formula 1. I have a pa...
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New Member
Partnership and Events Manager at the Guardian and Observer
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New Member
Hello there, I am a freelance creative with more than 4 years experience in copywriting, communication strategies, script writing and contents manager for blogging and social networks. I love compa...
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New Member
I am a multilingual comms expert with 6 years international experience in corporate and consumer communications at Google, Accel Partners and at a communications agency. I am looking for a Marcomm...
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New Member
looking for exciting challenges in France or job opportunities to be on the road again!
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New Member
I am about: Social Entrepreneurship,Sea,People and Smiling. Recent Econ BA from @UChicago. Recently Worked at @TheImpactEngine and @ImpactUN.
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New Member
I am a young professional with experience in research, sales, and all-things quantitative turned financial, operational, and strategic leader in the entertainment, media, a...
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New Member
Recently left my 10 year City career as an Asian-market trader and fulfilled one of my lifelong ambitions to sail across the Atlantic. My dream job now would be to use my successful skills of build...
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New Member
Hi everyone. I'm a brand manager with 4 years brand management, marketing and hi-level sales experience.looking for opportunities in Amsterdam. I have my own online marketing business in South Afri...
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New Member
I have over six years of experience in political and security risk consultancy for business. I also have a doctorate in government from the LSE. I am currently building an innovative web platform f...
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