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New Member
Experienced international business leader
Connect with Aleksi Grym
New Member
hello! hola! ola! Im a Project Manager by day for a SaaS start-up in Chicago working with a retail client in Latin America. Im a student by night at University of Chicago Graham School. Im ...
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New Member
Writer, copywriter, editor, poet and aspiring photographer. Looking for freelance work, opportunities to collaborate and new adventures.
Connect with Jo Murphy
New Member
Dutch seasoned traveler, living in Asia at the moment, currently looking for THAT new purpose to jump into.
Connect with PinkFish
New Member
Developing the mobile Internet
Connect with Rob Finean
New Member
I run a start-up based in Hyderabad, India. The best way to learn a language is to go & live in the place where it is spoken. We offer the second-best way. I am looking for people with passion f...
Connect with Sharad
New Member
I am an internationally-minded creative, optimist and altruist at heart, trying to live in conscious gratitude & belief in tomorrow. I am a writer, working as a copywriter, with experience in con...
Connect with Jelena Vuki
New Member
Actor . Writer . Host . Singapore/Tokyo http://adelewong.wordpress.com/
Connect with Adele
New Member
Hi everyone. I'm a London-based journalist and recent MA Fashion Journalism graduate from the London College of Fashion. I freelance for various websites on travel, food, style and other topics, wh...
Connect with Shannon Kilgore
New Member
Marketing proof traveller with a 'no goldfish' state of mind & freelance marketer offering responsible marketing solutions. If you are entering the German market, need support in an interna...
Connect with Silvia - Read Escape Story
New Member
Hey hey, I worked in finance doing project management and had enough so quite. I am now looking working for a juice start up whilst setting up my own healthy snacks company. I have good communicati...
Connect with Irina A
New Member
I was a consultant specialising in work psychology - specifically careers and leadership. The realisation that I wasn't following my own advice - find what you're good at, what you love, do it wel...
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