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New Member
I am a qualified chartered accountant who has excellent experience in charitable organisations and industry. My business skills include financial management, business process improvement, internal ...
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New Member
Hello, I am a Graphic Designer and a photographer, I am looking for a life changing experience and for the opportuniy to work with people.
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New Member
I escaped from Investment Banking nearly a year ago. Plenty of travelling since and re-engaging in some forgotten hobbies. Now spending most of my time trying to set up a couple of music-related bu...
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New Member
Hello everyone, I'm in the process of a life reboot. I have a BA in English, with 10 years teaching experience. Additionally, I have seven years experience in the medical field as a Cardiovascula...
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New Member
Graduate from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. I love being positive and surrounding myself with successful, hardworking people with the same passions. I have an extreme passion for traveli...
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New Member
Loving God, living life, laughing always. My journey has been an amazing experience thus far and I am always looking for more to add to it!
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New Member
I'm a 4th year Undergrad Business student at the University of Kent. I just completed my 3rd year abroad in Hong Kong, and i've got a tate for the expat life. I graduate in June and I'm looking for...
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New Member
Hey guys, i'm doing my masters in Luxury and Brand management from ESC Rennes( France). I have also done my bachelors in mechanical engineering. I would like to do something challenging and interes...
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New Member
I am really into startups and eager to join new exciting projects. Currently, I am changing the North European startup ecosystem via Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, where I serve as a Board Member....
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New Member
Hi. most simply I'm driven by Music. Music from all over the world. It's emotional and psychological power and therefore it's potential to benefit individuals, groups, communities, resolve conflict...
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New Member
Communications wiz!
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New Member
Greetings! I am a seasoned Pharmaceutical Sales Rep interested in pursuing opportunities locally or abroad that are innovative and ignite change. I NEED TO ESCAPE!! I have a strong entrepreneurial ...
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