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New Member
Hey guys, i'm doing my masters in Luxury and Brand management from ESC Rennes( France). I have also done my bachelors in mechanical engineering. I would like to do something challenging and interes...
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New Member
I am really into startups and eager to join new exciting projects. Currently, I am changing the North European startup ecosystem via Aalto Entrepreneurship Society, where I serve as a Board Member....
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New Member
Hi. most simply I'm driven by Music. Music from all over the world. It's emotional and psychological power and therefore it's potential to benefit individuals, groups, communities, resolve conflict...
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New Member
Communications wiz!
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New Member
Greetings! I am a seasoned Pharmaceutical Sales Rep interested in pursuing opportunities locally or abroad that are innovative and ignite change. I NEED TO ESCAPE!! I have a strong entrepreneurial ...
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New Member
Cross-cultural Swede and communicator with global mindset. Have a master's degree in marketing communications management. Been a student in Sweden, Denmark, Singapore and South Korea. Professional ...
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New Member
Experienced Managing Director working predominantly in IT with extensive experience of both Public and Private Sectors. Looking for change and inspiration. Not sure what the change is yet, this is ...
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New Member
Hi, I'm an Assistant Marketing Manager for a youth and community charity that run programmes for 14,000 young people. I have a background in the legal and third sector and am interested in devel...
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New Member
I managed just under 2 years in the City before I had to get out. My shiny new portfolio career now consists of web & social media work at my local uni, a stationery subscription box company (www.i...
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New Member
Hi everyone, my name is Dermot. I used to work in grass roots disability sport before taking time out in July 2012 to care for my young family. I am looking for full-time job at a charity/organi...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I've just passed my MA of Terrorism, International Crime and Global Security at Coventry University with merit and have a BSc of International Disaster Management. I've experience and ...
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New Member
I am looking for an exciting, challenging opportunity while still staying in NYC. I am comfortable with thinking analytically and strategically while still possessing strong interpersonal skills wi...
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