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New Member
Hi, I'm currently working in sales within the beer industry, having previously worked in the soft drinks industry. Although my job is good and not too corporate at all, the overall ambition is t...
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New Member
I'm a Project Manager with Brisbane Marketing, Brisbane's economic development board, with 6 years experience in international education marketing, recruitment and sales. I'm looking to connect wit...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm looking to change my career. I have a varied working background which includes; investment banking, helping set up new businesses/departments, private business owner, corporate co...
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New Member
Hi! I have nearly ten years of event planning, volunteer management, administrative support, and budget management experience. I'm looking for a way to work remotely, preferably in a position tha...
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New Member
Im Isela, a project manager and strategy specialist with 15+ years of experience,. Im looking for opportunities that let me share and learn. I can help in many areas, strategy definition (profit an...
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New Member
I've worked on various start-ups since I left university 5 years ago including an independent music festival, an international deal site and currently an international platform for connected device...
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New Member
Be happy. I dare you.
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New Member
Hello, I am Suleiman and I am a 25 years old young man, stuck behind a desk doing a boring numbers job... I am looking for this opportunity to escape my city or escape the desk I am sitting behind ...
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New Member
Im a business/start up consultant with 4 years experience in the UK, Europe, South East Asia and Australia. I have worked with drinks companies and Music events while helping Designers launch their...
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New Member
I've co-founded The Good Mondays Society and am in the lucky position to do what I really enjoy doing. Look for us in the company profiles, we have great freelance vacancies for global minded free ...
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New Member
My recent Masters in Leadership for Sustainable Development (through Forum for the Future), and current role at The DoNation (an exciting start-up), has developed a fresh and infectious appetite fo...
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New Member
Epicurean, food blogger and avid traveler, I traveled the world as a fashion model while completing a master in marketing. I’m gradually moving out of the modeling world to find a job I am truly pa...
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