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New Member
I have been working in tech and advertising for 6 years now. I have felt most motivated when I am planning events and working directly with clients.
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New Member
essentially, i would like to work in nonprofit management in fields of: responsible tourism practices that benefit local populations, education, and women's rights and helping with the inequality w...
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New Member
Legally trained, I spent 8 years in sports regulation; analysis paralysis and decisions by committee led to me taking the leap... My biggest skill: I can make the trains run on time; My biggest w...
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New Member
Bachelor in Communications, Media and Culture, determined to find a honest and super cool company in need of communication strategies, or a broadcasting company in need of interesting material to p...
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New Member
Hi, my name's Marius and I'm working on my own startup, IslandX.com. Our mission is to make it easier to move anywhere in the world.
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New Member
Hi! Am an investment analyst working in the City but quite keen to get out of the rut and start doing some social good. Am looking for anyone with similar inclinations and who has an interest in so...
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New Member
I am a global citizen, having lived and studied in multiple countries, and I love to discover the world around me. I know that I have many valuable skills to put to use and an energy that can get ...
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New Member
Marketer + lover of creativity, great words, people + ads. @ADMA 30Below committee member. Community Ambassador @thefetchsyd. Looking for exciting startup opportunities in marketing/communications ...
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New Member
I'm a mexican economist eager to serve my city and my community, starting up a new non-profit organization aimed to vulnerable children and teenagers, motivating them to stay in school. I...
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New Member
Returned Peace Corps Peru Volunteer Leader. I live and study in Brazil right now as part of my IMBA at the Darla Moore School of Business.
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New Member
Hello world! I am Danielle, I majored in Food Marketing and a specialty management program called Leadership, Ethics, & Organizational Sustainability at Saint Joseph's University. I studied abroad ...
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New Member
Digital Marketer and Surf Club Founder (www.surfcooperative.com), I'm always plotting my next escape. Currently seeking a partner to explode surf club opportunities.
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