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New Member
14 years experience from the bottom up in FMCG and Home Entertainment sales. National Sales Manager about to embark into a new working world of social media with facebook (ad thru Escape the City!)...
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New Member
Hi! My background is in Environmental Sciences, and in the next few years I would like to focus my experience in the field of renewable energy. There is so much to gain from making our houses and ...
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New Member
I live in NYC, and work at an award-winning digital agency, lending my expertise in media and strategy. I have been working in digital marketing nearly 5 years, with almost 2 years of experience in...
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New Member
I am a production designer and enjoy photography. Currently working for an Independent K-12 school in Southern California as a Web/Systems Administrator. Would love to do some additional things (op...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm a Digital Marketing Manager with 3 years of consumer marketing and 2 years of digital marketing experience. I'm looking for Marketing opportunities at internet start-ups in San Fr...
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New Member
Hello Everyone, I am a Sales Director with several very successful years of sales and marketing experience. I am interested in travel and finding opportunities all over the world!
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New Member
Hey Everyone, I'm a Digital Innovation Strategist with over 10 years of experience in developing strategic roadmaps across IT, Marketing and Agile UX for CPG and Healthcare Fortune 500 Companies. I...
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New Member
Hi all - I'm a marketing professional with over 25 years experience in many fields in the US and Canada. I'm looking for any kind of short or long term opportunity that is unique or different and ...
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New Member
Hi People, I'm one of the rare but growing breed of non-management consultants on escape the city :-) Experience ranges from running my own start-up to consultancy to account management and busines...
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New Member
My name is Justin. I'm a marketing professional from Minneapolis USA with nine years of experience in the biometric technology industry (face, iris and fingerprint recognition). I've ...
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New Member
Super-engaged proponent of creative and design collaboration. I believe life is about the people you meet and what you create with them. I am a natural connector and collaborator and love to listen...
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New Member
I was born, raised and educated in Ontario, Canada. I've lived in Toronto, Prague, Moscow, Madrid, San Francisco, Kyiv and now Brno (my parents hometown). After spending 1/4 century working for...
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