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New Member
Hi guys, I am a Front Web Developer and Art Designer. Film Geek. Music Lover. Food Porn Voyeurist. Programming nerd. Bookworm
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New Member
Hello,I'm a young communications professional in search of a challenging and exciting new career opportunity! For the past two and a half years I've been living and working in&n...
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New Member
I am a creative force - an idea generator and outside-the-box thinker and problem solver. I feel music, i feel words, I feel live performance. I'm looking for a creative and collaborative endea...
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New Member
Hello, I have been an engineer for 9 years, currently a team lead in the area of commercial aircraft flight control systems. I am desperate for something different, still sorting out what that "so...
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New Member
hey people i am a boatbuilder/guitar maker/joiner/furniture maker and surfboard shaper i would love to find a job working towards a sustainable future in all kinds of construction and anything whic...
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New Member
Hi everyone, In May 2013 I quit my job as a management consultant after 9 years working in change and programme management. Currently I'm studying part time and hoping to change direction with my ...
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New Member
I'm a writer, journalist and copy-editor with over six years experience working inside the bohemian hub of Fitzrovia. With a wealth of arts, leisure and travel experience behind me, I can produce e...
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New Member
I'm an experienced writer, copy editor and proofreader. Background in advertising and publishing, including proposals. Seeking writing/editing projects—website copy, brochures, ads, proposals, etc....
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New Member
Hi! I'm journalist & travel-film-maker. My dream is to direct a travel programm for TV channel or make a special privat project. I worked few years as reporter, traveled a lot, have some ideas abou...
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New Member
Hello, Curious is my middle name. Curious for new ideas, new businesses and everything about new media. I speak fluently 6 languages and have a background in marketing & market research. I am a co...
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New Member
I'm a creative systems thinker living a life of experiments, in health, finances, adventure and minimalism. I have some skills in marketing too.
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New Member
I am a science aficionado with a passion for biotechnology and human spaceflight. I want to be part of something daring and progressive. Most of all I am looking for a chance to make a difference.
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