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New Member
I'm a marketing communications change agent with four years of experience. I have been known for marrying creative, big-picture strategic thinking with detailed analysis. I'm looking for a place th...
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New Member
Latin America enthusiast with extensive travel experience. Post-Grad in International Political Economy in Buenos Aires. Looking for exciting opportunities in Latin America (Chile, Colombia or Mex...
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New Member
Hello Fellow Escapers. I am a student in Public Administration with volunteer and work experience within the field. I am currently looking for opportunities around the world to broaden my horizon a...
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New Member
Hi All, I'm a marketing exec with 10 years of hands-on experience in building, policing brands. I've a flair for creative and love variety - be it strategic product development, PR, online/print ad...
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New Member
Two years of experience marketing and copywriting for two different small agencies. I have worked on website content, print pieces, and social media initiatives. Experienced researcher with a thoro...
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New Member
Bonjour! I'm a Relationship Manager with a healthcare information technology non-profit. In my previous job i was a Senior Community Relations Coordinator - to sum it up, I am social, out-going, bu...
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New Member
Marketing content writer, photographer, bike nerd.
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New Member
Hello escapees, it's nice to meet you all! While stuck in a corporate world for the time being, I'm dreaming of and devising a way to escape from it all. I want to combine my passion of helping oth...
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New Member
Hey Escapees, I have four years sales experience across the media and travel industries but I'm now looking to break away from sales. I'm searching for job opportunities in New York; looking for ...
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New Member
Adventurous Belgian interested in starting an (international) business. In search for business partners - inspiration. Feel free to get in touch!
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New Member
Engineer.  Woodworker.  Traveler.  Lover of books, horses and soccer.  Friend.I love to learn new things.  I love to create.  I have mentored many young geeks and aspi...
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New Member
Strategic marketer in the chemical industry. Passionate about life sciences and photography, looking for a job with purpose and impact. Anything connecting those dots?
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