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New Member
I'm an experienced writer, copy editor and proofreader. Background in advertising and publishing, including proposals. Seeking writing/editing projects—website copy, brochures, ads, proposals, etc....
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New Member
Hi! I'm journalist & travel-film-maker. My dream is to direct a travel programm for TV channel or make a special privat project. I worked few years as reporter, traveled a lot, have some ideas abou...
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New Member
Hello, Curious is my middle name. Curious for new ideas, new businesses and everything about new media. I speak fluently 6 languages and have a background in marketing & market research. I am a co...
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New Member
I'm a creative systems thinker living a life of experiments, in health, finances, adventure and minimalism. I have some skills in marketing too.
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New Member
I am a science aficionado with a passion for biotechnology and human spaceflight. I want to be part of something daring and progressive. Most of all I am looking for a chance to make a difference.
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New Member
Hello! I'm a business professional with over 10 years experience in many IT roles. I am always interested in new ventures, side projects, missions, adventures, etc. I'd love to hear about any po...
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New Member
Hello there.. I'm from Ecuador, Young (25 years old) doctor & musician.
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New Member
I am a Lean business manager with 2 years experience. I'm looking for opportunities to chase my passion in American or International politics. I also want to make a positive impact on the world h...
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New Member
Hello everyone, I am a very experienced Digital Web Producer looking for a new project. I have worked both client side for the BBC and agency side in a variety of online roles and in my spare t...
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New Member
I am a Chartered Accountant. I am an Entrepreneur. I am a Financial Researcher.
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New Member
I recently made the leap from a dissatisfying corporate job to a job at one of my dream companies, where I'm treated fairly and work on a project I believe in. I couldn't be happier and I have Esca...
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New Member
Hi , am an Entrepreneur looking forward to start a Camel Milk Dairy in Somalia, home to the largest population of Camels . Camel Milk is a miracolous cure for :Diabetes , Auti...
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