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New Member
Currently establishing a team to develop a platform for like minded UK citizens to curate, connect, share and aggregate positive online media. A real interesting project with lots of potential,...
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New Member
Working and living in Latin America since 2007, currently based in Medellin, Colombia, having worked extensively in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. Im an entrepreneur with broa...
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New Member
Dani. Adventure Extraordinaire-In love with Cape Town, Diet Dr. Pepper, Jesus, the art of fashion, Texas, Piccadilly St., cinnamon dolce latte's & Psalm 139:16.
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New Member
Thirtyonething, freelance editor, digital resident, tango dancer, language lover, Europe enthusiast with a Lebanese obsession. Hungry for knowledge...
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New Member
I am a 28yr old Private Equity Associate living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I'm looking for job opportunities in startups within my field of experience (Finance and M&A), where I could use my expertise t...
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New Member
CPA. Aspiring entrepreneur. Interested in start ups and disruptive technologies/ideas. Keen rugby fan. Hope to work with like minded people to create something out of the ordinary and have a great ...
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New Member
I'm a Washington, DC attorney by day, and I hand-make ice cream flavors to order. http://icecreamjubilee.com/
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New Member
I'm a Wildlife & Fine Artist. I teach Painting, Drawing, Sacred Geometry and Herbalism. I'm also truly passionate about wisdom, knowledge and life hacking...
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New Member
I'm a marketing communications change agent with four years of experience. I have been known for marrying creative, big-picture strategic thinking with detailed analysis. I'm looking for a place th...
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New Member
Latin America enthusiast with extensive travel experience. Post-Grad in International Political Economy in Buenos Aires. Looking for exciting opportunities in Latin America (Chile, Colombia or Mex...
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New Member
Hello Fellow Escapers. I am a student in Public Administration with volunteer and work experience within the field. I am currently looking for opportunities around the world to broaden my horizon a...
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New Member
Hi All, I'm a marketing exec with 10 years of hands-on experience in building, policing brands. I've a flair for creative and love variety - be it strategic product development, PR, online/print ad...
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