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New Member
Hello! Upon my college graduation 2 years ago, I began a career in marketing and advertising sales with MTV Networks. Currently, I am looking for work in Los Angeles in wine sales and the tv/ente...
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New Member
French man not feeling french truth be told. A true Business Developer, outgoing and eager to learn and share with the world. Wants to escape Paris and see more of the world, starting with Berlin...
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New Member
I'm looking to teach English in Southeast Asia or South America after 8/1/13.
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New Member
I'm a product manager for a web company in London. Looking for business advice and interesting ideas.
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New Member
Belgian - irish, passionate actress and officially a fashion designer since the launch of my brand Versa Versa since May 2012. Looking for the opportunity to expand the brand and launch it in Latin...
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New Member
I currently work at the British Embassy in Denmark, helping Danish companies expand in to the British market. My expertise lie in two very different fields; Renewable Energy and Digital Media. I...
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New Member
Hi, I am in charge of the communication/marketing in a web startup near Brussels (Belgium) and I love it. But I'd love even more to be located in New York City. I'm also launching an app with a ...
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New Member
MSc student specialising in International Business management. I have studied in the UK and Netherlands and have active involvement in the UK space sector. Looking for a job anywhere in the world w...
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New Member
My name is Kat and I am studying Spanish with a minor in performance studies at DePaul University. I will graduate in the spring of 2013. I'm looking for a job that allows me to travel, use my Span...
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New Member
government technology @OvumICT. public policy, startups, geopolitics, #socent. co-organizer, @subdriftnyc. make a mean cup of chai.
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New Member
Hello there! I'm an escapee - former commercial lawyer, and short-lived entrepreneur, about to start graduate medical school (my true calling). I'm a Chinese born Australian currently living in Lon...
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New Member
I'm a Digital Broadcast Journalist, recently graduated from City University with an MA in Broadcast Journalism. I have worked at at SkyNews, Wise_Buddah and currently intern at Endemol UK. I'm look...
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