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government technology @OvumICT. public policy, startups, geopolitics, #socent. co-organizer, @subdriftnyc. make a mean cup of chai.
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New Member
Hello there! I'm an escapee - former commercial lawyer, and short-lived entrepreneur, about to start graduate medical school (my true calling). I'm a Chinese born Australian currently living in Lon...
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New Member
I'm a Digital Broadcast Journalist, recently graduated from City University with an MA in Broadcast Journalism. I have worked at at SkyNews, Wise_Buddah and currently intern at Endemol UK. I'm look...
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New Member
I have extensive experience in marketing and communications in Asia in advertising, media and finance. I left Hong Kong a year ago to travel and spend time with friends and family. Now I am looking...
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New Member
Sell them train tickets ;-) But seriously, helping people to cut their carbon footprint by solving the rail booking nightmare is my bread and butter. I'm basically a professional train spotter, exc...
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New Member
Hi, I'm in Marketing but am passionate about music, travel and interior decorating. I want to find a project connected to one of these. My dream is to own my own furniture business - both making an...
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New Member
Hi my name is Raquel and I'm a spanish communication specialist. I've worked for 8 years in agencies as BBDO and Ogilvy in digital marketing. Now I'm looking a new opportunity abroad with a social ...
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New Member
Hi i'm Ricky McKinnon, i'm a chef, a keen surfer and traveller... looking for adventure. i beleive i can help other members in the same way they could help me, in sharing experiences, hopes and dr...
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New Member
Looking forward to escape the city. Entrepreneur. Experience in building small businesses. Organizing, planning, executing. Creating teams. I want to travel, I want to live in constant contact with...
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New Member
For good reason I'll reference my Twitter profile description: PR and social media mojo fueled by narrative intelligence 3.0. Storyteller. Time Traveler. Citizen Teacher. Proactive Activist. &...
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New Member
I've been a full time athlete since graduating in 2007. Now looking to work alongside my training in the lead up to Rio 2016. Any suggestions or opportunities would be very welcome
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New Member
I'm passionate about the effective use of data in organisations. I'd love to have the opportunity to work with any start-ups that focus and understand the competative advantages that insights gene...
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