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New Member
I am business transformation expert in Retail with strong expertise in CRM, Supply Chain and complex IT projects. Having a passion to contribute to the value creation, I apply Lean and Design Thin...
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New Member
Currently a senior copywriter working at an advertising agency specializing in rare diseases and orphan drugs. I am passionate about helping others and enjoy what I do in the advertising/pharmaceut...
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New Member
Author, Speaker, Multimedia Content Developer... working to promote global understanding through sports & social media.
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New Member
Hello - I'm a designer/ product developer with 12 years experience in bringing new products to market from BBC iPlayer to Nokia Asha Phones. Recently left Nokia to start Design for Social Change - ...
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New Member
I'm the founder of the pr garden - we help small businesses, social enterprises and charities tell the world about what they do.
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New Member
With over 17 years experience in both private and public sectors, I am a focused and driven individual with particular emphasis on innovation, change and product development in sport, leisure, chil...
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New Member
Hi! I've worked for 6 years as a fast-tracker in the city (management consultant/project manager) and 2 years as a senior research manager in Dubai. I've worked in 13 countries. I am looking to ...
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New Member
I'm a fluent Spanish speaker and worked managing ski chalets/hotels and surf instructing while trying a couple of small businesses. I have a lot of writing experience and wrote for a few ...
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New Member
I'm a former JPMorgan Fund Manager and Magic Circle lawyer who has requalified as a career and business coach. I'm always interested in speaking to anyone with ideas on career or recruitment. And i...
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New Member
Looking for exciting opportunities in social impact around the NYC area. Have tried to dabble in other career paths but I'm finally coming to terms with the truth that I must do what I love! I have...
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New Member
Jambo! I am a professional fundraiser and full time adventurer - come and join me! I am looking for enthusiastic individuals who would like a challenging adventure in Sierra Leone or Liberia w...
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New Member
I'm a social entrepreneurship empath - I love talking to others who want to change the game, and helping them think about how that change can be sustainable. I get the people aspect - gathering the...
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