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New Member
Marketing Communication Leader with 5 years of expertise in developing and implementing innovative strategic marketing plans. Masters Degree in International Business & Leadership, experience in Eu...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I’m an architect with 2 years work experience and 7 years studies experiences,including study travels to Miami,Granada and Cartagena de Indias.I worked as an assistant professor at the...
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New Member
An experienced professional with an extensive background in structured products, financial analysis and database management. Recognized as a hands-on, proactive trouble-shooter who can rapidly iden...
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New Member
Crazy, picky epicurean (all vegetarians are, right?), I have been growing a genuine passion for the food and beverage industry. I honed my skills as an international business developer through the ...
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New Member
With 7 years’ experience of campaigning and digital projects to promote wellbeing and the environment under my belt, I'm now looking for fresh, exciting challenges. I'm particularly interested in m...
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New Member
I am a communications graduate from Mexico who actually works in a ski travel agency because I love travelling. I´ve worked around the world in many different areas and love diversity in what I do....
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New Member
City lawyer looking to move into Business Development in an innovative company.
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New Member
Hey, I'm Kostas, currently working as a Resourcing Systems Adviser for Save the Children and loving every minute of it.
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New Member
Consultant specialising with strategy, growth, sustainability & income generation within the not for profit sector. Currently managing corporate partnerships for a national cancer charity. Interes...
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New Member
Hello! I currently work with one of the banks in the Operations department, but I'm now at that point where I just need to escape and do my own thing. I've been thinking of starting up my own custo...
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New Member
I'm an ex-Wall Streeter looking to get out there! I went for a long journey around the world and after that strong dose of perspective I'd like to switch things around into high gear.
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New Member
I’ve just launched my start-up www.showerella.com; Showerella creates ready-to-go versions of popular bridal shower & hen parties activities (such as perfume-making) for chic & sophisticated women....
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