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New Member
I create change through #campaigning and #photography. Always learning. #Po2000 (read 2k books before am 75) and #7giants (photo doc project)
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New Member
Hi everyone, I have worked in Alumni Relations for 10 years and have done start-up and worked on established programs. I'm looking for opportunities to work on building positive relationships betwe...
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New Member
A qualified lawyer, I've been in Investment Banking for the past 5 years. I'm in the early stages of working out what I'm looking for and how I can help others, but I'll come back to this.
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New Member
Hey. My name's Antonio Mello. I'm software developer. I've been doing that for the last 6 years and I love what I do. I'm looking for any internet start-ups or any non-conventional jobs related to ...
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New Member
I am a bookkeeper working in an accountancy firm with a few websites on the side which I manage
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New Member
I'm a dedicated marketing and events professional that enjoys developing and managing people and projects to deliver unique and creative productions, campaigns and events. Along with a demon...
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New Member
For 20 years I have worked in change management, organisational development and human resources in consultancy, corporate & international organisations. I have also worked different projects relate...
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New Member
Founder/Director of RazorLAB, UK manufacturing hub for and powered by Ponoko. Looking for improving our Digital Manufacturing business. I can help other members on Crowdfunding their projects/i...
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New Member
Hi All, I have a varied career to date with experience in lots of analytical and client facing roles, as well as problem resolution. I am fluent in Spanish, am picking up French and have a degree i...
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New Member
I'm an MBA grad with 7 years of experience in planning, training and problem solving primarily within the area of emergency management. I am looking for job opportunities that align more with my M...
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New Member
ECE graduate, designer by osmosis, and passionate about startups, user experience and technology in general. Looking for Product Management opportunities in the UK. Just get in touch with me!
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New Member
Digital marketing professional and all round creative.
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