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Banking to Branding? How can I make this happen!?
New Member
An LSE student, not happy of how LSE students are crazy about banking. Would like to find alternatives. Corporates? Start ups? anything.
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New Member
I'm a graphic and web designer based in South Manchester, UK. I'm looking to setup my own agency with a colleague of mine. We've been working on freelance briefs for te past 3 years now and have d...
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New Member
Hey, Im from Manhattan Beach, CA and currently a senior studying tourism development and management at Arizona State University. I am looking for opportunities in the hospitality industry. I have t...
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New Member
Who am I?! I AM WITH YOU. Curious, inspired, ambitious and creative when it comes to marketing, events and playing music. I am studying International Business at the Copenhagen Business School. I ...
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New Member
Hello everyone. I've been in international banking for 37 years, mainly involved in the import/export side of things, but am looking for a change. Maybe importing and selling things or trying som...
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New Member
I'm a junior at the University of Georgia majoring in Advertising & Psychology. I'm set to study abroad this summer in Austria for 6 weeks with the University of New Orleans Innsbruck Summer School...
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New Member
I am a consultant and freelance journalist/researcher. I have experience in development and resettlement consultancy especially in data analysis. Looking for opportunities in London and elsewhere t...
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New Member
Hi everyone. I worked as a Management Consultant, then as a Fixed Income Trader and as a Commercial Director in a SME increasing exports of ceramics tiles. We now export 95% of what we produce so i...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm an Junior at Bryant University in Rhode Island majoring in International Business with concentrations in Global Supply Chain Management and Spanish as well as a minor in Finance. I...
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New Member
Re-Inventing Yours Truly, with a Minor in Innovation and creativity. Loooking for a career, not just a job, with Social Consciousness, which will implement my areas of expertise to truly make a dif...
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New Member
I am just about to graduate university, after studying BA Business Management. My passion is sailing, so an industry related jobs would be perfect for me. I'm also really interested in marketing an...
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