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Hi there, I am a communications professional with over five years experience in PR, marketing and internal communications. I am also a part-time photographer. I am a keen fitness fanatic and love...
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Hey, I'm Sophia Alexandra Beckett. 18 year old A Level student in England studying English Combined, Psychology and Fine Arts. I'm the type of person who loves new experiences and opportunities. B...
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Hi! I've been working in the Wine Trade organising wine tastings for the last couple of years and am just completing my WSET Diploma. I really want to move abroad and start something new...lookin...
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I'm a tabletop/houseware designer + love to design sculptural functional objects + in the process of finishing my first tabletop collection to be sold under my brand + love living between Pondicher...
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27 yrs old guy working 70 hrs a week in a prestigious corporate finance firm. Started my first business venture when I was 9 and have yearned to create and run my own business ever since. Currentl...
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Hello, I am a physical therapist with just under 2 years experience as a professional. I am looking for volunteer opportunities abroad where I can use my physical therapy skills to assist those in ...
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I like to keep things simple and to automate as much as possible, in everything I do - professionally and personally. I've been developing software for many years, using C/C++/C#, and implementing ...
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Mother of 3, trying to keep up with a busy household and lots of volunteer work. http://www.givenaked.org. Lover of all things sci-fi, music, and theatre. I am looking for job opportunities that al...
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Hi Everyone! I am a adventure packed graduating senior looking for an exciting opportunity to use my business analytic skills in an vibrant work environment. I am passionate about traveling and hav...
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Banking to Branding? How can I make this happen!?
New Member
An LSE student, not happy of how LSE students are crazy about banking. Would like to find alternatives. Corporates? Start ups? anything.
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I'm a graphic and web designer based in South Manchester, UK. I'm looking to setup my own agency with a colleague of mine. We've been working on freelance briefs for te past 3 years now and have d...
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