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New Member
Hi everyone, I am a chartered accountant and finance change professional with over six years of finance and investment banking experience. I’m looking to explore opportunities in totally differ...
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New Member
Hi everyone. I am a chartered accountant, but have been a successful equity analyst for the past 16 years. Most recently I was head of consumer equity research at no.1 rated Deutsche Bank. I am ...
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New Member
Lover of craft + business + tech. Momma. Wifey. Have Family Want Escape!
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New Member
University of Denver 2013, BA International Studies, Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity, Tesla Motors- Product Specialist I dream my painting and paint my dream. -Vincent Van Gogh In search of a...
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New Member
On the lookout for an invincible summer (& a job in press/comms)
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New Member
As the news/obituary clerk at The Times-Tribune in Scranton, Pa., I edit through people lives and collect the things people don't want published. I spent one year waitressing in Philadelphia and to...
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New Member
Experienced but still young (OK, young-ish) marketeer looking to be challenged, stretched and to take a few risks. Happy to work hard and be under constant pressure. Just want the rewards, in w...
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New Member
Business Development Manager @AOS_Studley, Co-Founder @BarStash, Part-time Snowboarder, Founder http://www.ypngroup.co.uk
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New Member
My name is Molly and I am a recent grad with a BFA in Graphic and Interactive Communication. My decision to pursue graphic design was born of my desire to use my creative talents to change the worl...
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New Member
Hi all, currently in risk and security with 5 years experience pre and post 7 years in the Army. Passionate about education and all things Africa. Would like to speak to all those with similar pass...
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New Member
I spent 3.5 years working in investment banking for Barclays where I was consistently ranked at the top end of my year group. My job consisted of relationship management for large cap UK corporates...
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New Member
Hiya, I am currently looking for a way to marry my current health experience and my political background with an exciting job or opportunity that does not fit the normal mold but does require ener...
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