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Business Development Manager @AOS_Studley, Co-Founder @BarStash, Part-time Snowboarder, Founder http://www.ypngroup.co.uk
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My name is Molly and I am a recent grad with a BFA in Graphic and Interactive Communication. My decision to pursue graphic design was born of my desire to use my creative talents to change the worl...
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Hi all, currently in risk and security with 5 years experience pre and post 7 years in the Army. Passionate about education and all things Africa. Would like to speak to all those with similar pass...
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I spent 3.5 years working in investment banking for Barclays where I was consistently ranked at the top end of my year group. My job consisted of relationship management for large cap UK corporates...
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Hiya, I am currently looking for a way to marry my current health experience and my political background with an exciting job or opportunity that does not fit the normal mold but does require ener...
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My background is in senior finance roles is in investment banking, stockbroking and asset management, but I am very open to new ideas going forward. Currently seeking new opportunities, available i...
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Greetings from cyberspace! I am an FSA regulatory consultant. Seeking fresh opporunities in start ups or turnaround companies ideally in the UK but will look outside. Interested in any equity parti...
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I've been in the Investment Banking business for 20 years. I'm looking to start my own speciality cafe/casual restaurant business in suburbs of London where I reside. Nothing really like it here un...
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I'm an ex financial services professional with a passion for business. After escaping the City I've been running my own business for 3 years and I'm now looking for the next challenge where I can ...
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Hi, I work in the media as a presenter. I host live events and facilitate conferences and I also write features for newspapers and magazines. In addition, I'm a Management Accountant with ten years...
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blues and bows has been created by sisters Gemma and Chloë, to bring you a whole host of useful and inspiring info centered around everything to do with babies.
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Hi. I have 30 + yrs exp in the Retail Motor Industry, currently a consultant specialising in Aftersales projects. My personal passion is Motorcycling / Travelling. Always looking for "interesting" ...
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