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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm a Management Consultant with 3 years of strategy and innovation related experience. I'm looking for any potential opportunities in start ups in India (and rest of the world if the ...
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New Member
Hello everyone, I am an Accounting finance professional with over 6 years of relevant experience including 4+ years in the Hedge Fund Accounting industry. I am conscientious in my personal and p...
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New Member
I'm an operations consultant working at one of the Big 4, in London. I'm hoping to start up my own coffee shop in London or another city, in the next few years. I can offer my own insights on creat...
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New Member
I like equity research and have been doing it for 6-7 years but I am tired of the politics and backstabbing. It is eminently frustrating and I am looking for a role in industry - perhaps in retail ...
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New Member
Hello everyone! I am a recent MBA graduate. I am looking for partners in a unique IT startup on graphic videos. I know for a fact that if this project would be implemented properly it would be a su...
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New Member
Hi, I'm a structurer & complex risk trader at an investment bank in Sydney. The fact 'structurer' isn't recognised as a word by my spell check should have been a red flag regarding its legitimacy...
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New Member
Hello all, I am a Fund Manager in the real estate space, with more than 10 years experience, much of it in Asia. I am looking for a job in real estate, but I want to do something that is fun, aw...
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New Member
Hello all of you, I'm a Google Adwords specialist, interested in traveling and personal growing.
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New Member
My arsenal -Finance, Strategy and Business Development. Looking for short term internships/contracts in South America, Africa or Far East Asia. Would prefer to work with start-ups or NGOs!! Please ...
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New Member
Hi - I have a feeling there aren't many executive assistants on here, but there's no good reason there shouldn't be! Like many creative people in New York, I took a "day job" as an executive assis...
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New Member
Hi, I'm Kaila and I recently graduated from the University of Oregon. I thrive on the mentality that everyone has a story to tell and those stories that most people pass by are the ones I feel obli...
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New Member
I write. I speak. And I have provocative conversations about women and God; about feminism and faith. I want opportunity to more of the same. I can help others with these topics, to be sure, but I ...
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