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I'm Luciana, a brazilian girl who's now preparing myself for a 8 months journey around the world, offering inspiring and creative workshops for young people to help them open up their minds to see ...
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New Member
Under construction ... building projects everyday !!! :)
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New Member
My name is Devin Moore I am looking for new opportunities abroad I am a strategic thinker - with endless energy
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New Member
Hi There, I am an comedian, writer, actor, film producer and all around creative super hero. Like any good super hero I spend most of my days at a boring desk job and my night fighting foes bent on...
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New Member
I am a disciplined and enthusiastic person with a growing wealth of experience in educating and mentoring individuals within sport through innovative programmes to create an enjoyable open -learnin...
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New Member
Hi to all! Briefly: I'm a TLC Sales Engineer, and worked all around the world just to settle down again in my country, Italy. But' it's time again to move, where passions lead. I'm a Sommelier, l...
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New Member
I have a legal background with a specialism in intellectual property and media law. I have experience working for startups in the media and technology space. My expertise lie in strategic business ...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm a Management Consultant with 3 years of strategy and innovation related experience. I'm looking for any potential opportunities in start ups in India (and rest of the world if the ...
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New Member
Hello everyone, I am an Accounting finance professional with over 6 years of relevant experience including 4+ years in the Hedge Fund Accounting industry. I am conscientious in my personal and p...
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New Member
I'm an operations consultant working at one of the Big 4, in London. I'm hoping to start up my own coffee shop in London or another city, in the next few years. I can offer my own insights on creat...
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New Member
I like equity research and have been doing it for 6-7 years but I am tired of the politics and backstabbing. It is eminently frustrating and I am looking for a role in industry - perhaps in retail ...
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New Member
Hello everyone! I am a recent MBA graduate. I am looking for partners in a unique IT startup on graphic videos. I know for a fact that if this project would be implemented properly it would be a su...
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