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New Member
Dear community! I´m engineer for process technology. After six year of straight and sucessfull work in a big company I´m looking for a alternativ working space far away from germany. At the summe...
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New Member
Senior corporate lawyer looking to start up a fitness studio or inject ideas, vision and/or capital into an existing or start up fitness venture. Keen to break down the exclusive, niche, expensive,...
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New Member
serial entrepreneur with a passion for New and Difficult.
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm a communications consultant with 5 years of experience writing in different genres. I'm looking for job opportunities in development or advertising, and am open to move anywhere in...
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New Member
Recent graduate student (freelance artist in my head) looking for a unique environmental or community development experience. I would love to help members develop creative campaign strategies that ...
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New Member
Hey there. Val here. Firstly I think it's really awesome to be living your dreams and working for your passion. Thus I'm one of those who chooses to live life on my terms. Been coaching gymnastics ...
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New Member
I'm Luciana, a brazilian girl who's now preparing myself for a 8 months journey around the world, offering inspiring and creative workshops for young people to help them open up their minds to see ...
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New Member
Under construction ... building projects everyday !!! :)
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New Member
My name is Devin Moore I am looking for new opportunities abroad I am a strategic thinker - with endless energy
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New Member
Hi There, I am an comedian, writer, actor, film producer and all around creative super hero. Like any good super hero I spend most of my days at a boring desk job and my night fighting foes bent on...
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New Member
I am a disciplined and enthusiastic person with a growing wealth of experience in educating and mentoring individuals within sport through innovative programmes to create an enjoyable open -learnin...
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