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Glad to be a part of this. My background is in arts administration and arts ministry. I am a creative catalyst, seeking space, time and collaborators. I help create beautiful moments which transfor...
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Operations Manager at Start-up Direct - A Direct delivery partner of the Start up loans scheme.To date I have assisted in processing of over £1 million pound worth of Start-up funding across 250 St...
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Hi everyone, I am an event management enthusiast and have been pursuing a career in the industry since I graduated from high school. When I say enthusiast, I mean it. When I have an event to take c...
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New Member
I am an undergraduate student studying Political Economy, with the intellectual intrigue and personal experience driving me towards work with a social impact. With above-average organisational and ...
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Hi All, I am a Management Consultant with two years experience in Project Management. I also have experience in sales & marketing, and I am interested in opportunities at start-ups based in London ...
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Hi, I'm a recent graduate with B.S. Arch who is working for Partners in Health on a teaching hospital in Haiti. I would like to stay in nonprofit/community oriented-architecture and go back to sch...
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Brad Nickel is a Dad, Marketing Expert, Leader, Speaker, Motivator, Innovator, Mentor, Strategist, Technologist, Executive
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Hello brave people! I'm a single mother from Canada with a small girl. My dream is to get out from the big city and travel while working as graphic designer. I have a lot of experience with graphi...
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New Member
My philosophy: a chocolate chip cookie is greater than the sum of it's parts.
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New Member
Hey. My experience is in Logistics Management. I'm currently in Programme Management, I have completed a diverse range od logistic management roles. I'm looking for something challenging and exciti...
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New Member
Hey! This guy is a Senior Execution Specialist with 4 years of Red Bull experience and 2 years of US experience. I'm looking for job opportunities in Event area especially in Sports Marketing or E...
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New Member
I'm multilingual, I LOVE the internet, I LOVE Cloud Computing & SaaS & want to be a Business Development Manager in London. My linguistic skills applied to my skills in business development, SaaS...
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