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Life Motto: Make a Difference
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New Member
Hi everyone! With a double degree in Civil Engineering and a master’s in Project Finance, I am an enthusiast of human progress and human dignity and I am actively looking to be part of a project th...
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New Member
Business development Manager - For International Sales of websites, web based project and online promotion solutions
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New Member
abc is my details..
Connect with bweb mitra
New Member
Hello! I'm the Product Development & Sourcing Associate of a social enterprise called Rags2Riches, Inc. I'm looking to explore & travel the world, being a mountaineer & skin diver with a passion fo...
Connect with Kimpanzee
New Member
artist and youth worker, with emphasis on community arts projects and creating opportunities for minorities, women, and at-risk youth
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New Member
I am a Drama and English teacher from Leicester although lived in London for the best part of 10 years. I left London and my job to travel the world and volunteer in a Monkey sanctuary in S. Afric...
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New Member
journalist, editor, writer
Connect with Kate Sergatskova
New Member
20 years in the City, Hong Kong and New York are over. In process of developing a pub (looking for co-investors!), setting up an environmentally orientated cleaning products business and looking fo...
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New Member
Hi! I am a student about to graduate from Edinburgh University and I currently volunteer for a charity helping people with HIV/AIDS; I've also volunteered in Bolivia and London. I love an adventure...
Connect with Sophie Horgan
New Member
HI my friends =) I have no experience but I learn quickly. I hate city in which i live. I'm looking for adventures, new interesting people and interesting job. I'm from Russia and my English isn't...
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