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New Member
Hi, I am Electronic engeneer and i am looking for an alternative Job that means more than the money i could earn and meet new people with different project.
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New Member
Hello. I am a recent college grad with a degree in cultural anthropology and a background in food research, graphic design and computer science. I am looking for a new career but I don't know what ...
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New Member
Hey Everyone, I'm Brittney and I have 4 years in customer service. I am looking for positions where I can see the world and meet new people. I have many ideas about business opportunities and start...
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New Member
I work within education , as one-to-one learning support for a young boy with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). I am looking for opportunities in art therapy, community arts development and within ar...
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New Member
Hello, I'm a musician and project manager with a background in construction and retail management. I'm looking for job opportunities that will allow me to work remotely so that I can travel more e...
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New Member
Hello, I am a journalist specialising in field production for radio with 11 years experience including in tv, online and new media. I am in Africa seeing the world this year and would be intereste...
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New Member
I am a project manager in the renewable energy industry. I am looking for the next big challenge around the world. I can help people that wants to understand how "going green" helps the world and h...
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New Member
Hey people * I'm Filipa and I'm a 24 years old portuguese. My field is biology, getting specialization in Marine Biology on the master of natural resources management and conservation. I'm looking ...
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New Member
Marketing professional with a former life as a journalist looking for the next adventure.
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New Member
Hi, i'm a Clinical Psychologist and i'm looking for a job in Barcelona...
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New Member
I am a recent graduate with a BS in Civil & Environmental Engineering looking to stay in the NYC area. I have a passion for brewing and problem solving.
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New Member
I have been working in the city for a few years - by no means a high flyer but salary is very reasonable for the simplicity of work required of me. Looking for ideas for a new career - I like lea...
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