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New Member
Hi Everyone! I am looking for a new job and nice opportunities abroad in communication, media or project managing, more precisely in fields like culture or education. I studied communications and j...
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New Member
Hi! I'm a freelance digital generalist specialising in 3D visualisation and animation. My experience ranges from producing 3D visuals and product displays, through to motion graphics and design ...
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New Member
You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.
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New Member
Hey all, I am an aritst with three years of Goldsmith and professional photography experience. I'm seeking employment opportunities in California and abroad. I'm highly interested in joining a thea...
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New Member
Hello! I'm a soon-to-be physics graduate from the University of Edinburgh who is looking for somewhere to apply his skills. Previously I've worked as a surveyor but most recently I've focused my ef...
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New Member
Hi ! I worked during 2 years for Canal+, a French Tv channel. I am looking for a job opportunity in an exciting company where I could be autonomous, creative and highly entailed !
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New Member
Hi! I work with air cargo for TAP Portugal and I have my degree on Tourism Management.
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New Member
Hi, i am an italian student of bio engineeringr. i do volunteering since i was 18 in the civil protection. in my life i've done many works and experiences. accerted knowledge about computers(ecdl) ...
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New Member
Hello everyone, my name is Joana and I am Portuguese. I am now looking for challenging opportunities to start my career and a get a new direction for this new chapter in my life! I have a Managemen...
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New Member
Hi, I have decided that I would not follow all my fellow university friends into the city but instead pursue a career in physiotherapy and use any free time to partake in expedition kayaking.
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New Member
Hi, I'm Tim from Texas. I am a Drupal web developer by trade but have several ideas about business ventures I would like to start. My wife and I recently moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand so I suppose ...
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New Member
Hello! I'm looking to move into digtal media or something education-tech-startupy. I've got 4 years experiece as a Physics teacher but I've also spent my holidays as a Project Manger in a Digital ...
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