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Cum Laude MBA Graduate with over 5 years experience in FMCG, Environmental/Water and NGO sectors. I'm looking for job opportunities in the Sustainability arena in London, Amsterdam, Madrid or overs...
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How about running a hotel in paradise?
New Member
At the age of 40, I took a career break from education management. I now own a yacht charter business, Escape Yachting. We spend the summer months taking people sailing on the Solent. I am lookin...
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New Member
Hi everyone. I'm a human rights and environmental rights specialist currently based on a permaculture farm in Malawi. I am looking to work on social projects based around environmental conservation...
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New Member
A newcomer to the city with 18 months experience. Interested in new and exciting opportunities. Happy to help in organising adventures. Currently leading an initiative to remedy the organ donor sho...
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New Member
Hello! I am a freelance film director based in London working in both documentary and short fiction. In addition I run creativity workshops for individuals and small groups and am interested in con...
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New Member
I'm Christina. I don't know what I want to do with life or where I want to work. So here I am.
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New Member
My name is Tom Murray. I have spent years working in an industry that just does not work for me anymore and I want out! I have a huge interest in History and Geography and I am looking to move in...
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New Member
I'm a qualified finance professional, with commercial experience at London 2012. Now looking for new opportunities in London
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New Member
I am a passionate, honest young student looking to start my own business. Hope to get some really good ideas and bright people in here. I could also try and join someone in taking his/her plan to I...
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New Member
Investment banker 2yrs in exploring other options
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Hello! I am a senior tax consultant (now more dedicated to the Transfer Pricing & Incentives area), working for the past 2 years and a half at a company which started its business in Portugal three...
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