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New Member
My name is Adis Kadiric, 23 year old North Park University graduate with a major in Communications. Very enthusiastic young man looking for a job in the Communications and Marketing world. I would ...
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New Member
I'm a computational physicist, I love good design, and I cook when I need to relax. Although that last one's going to stay just a hobby. Obscure, complex, mathematical, technical problems are what ...
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New Member
Hi, I'm an expert in matching partners from scientific community and companies which want to cooperate in R&D projects (Consultant). I'm new in this community and just want to take a look - more ab...
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New Member
I am an artist with an entrepreneurial spirit. I am a maker of stuff from things other people think are rubbish. I make a successful living doing what I love and running my own business gives me ...
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New Member
Hello, I am a motion and graphic designer, editor, photographer, and cinematographer looking for adventures into the outdoors. My dream is to move west to the mountains where my passion for nature...
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New Member
Due to graduate in 2013 with a degree in French & Spanish I am interested in exciting opportunities, especially youth work, in countries where French/Spanish/Catalan/English are spoken. I would lo...
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New Member
Hi everyone. I'm a VP of business development for a multinational company responsible for Northern Europe. Currently based in london looking for an escape plan. Based in London and looking for exci...
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New Member
I'm a Distribution Manager at Dell Corporation in Russia with more than 10 years of hardware sales experience. I'd like to join a sewing design startup, actually I am a designer making the leather ...
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New Member
Hello everyone! I'm an office professional currently, but am looking for a more simple, connected way of life nearer to the people who give life meaning. I'm originally from a farm in the middle ...
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New Member
Made in Manchester. Creative generalist.
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New Member
Hello. I'm Fiona, I'm a marketing assistant based in Brighton, UK. I work for a company who help people make the leap from city work to self-employment. Here to chat with some people to see if we c...
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New Member
Hi I have a varied arts and cultural industries background now working in HE. After years of travel overseas including volunteering and visiting projects I am looking to match up my interests an...
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