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New Member
My name is Rachel Johnson. 23 years old. Looking for an adventure unlike no other. I have two B.A.'s in Broadcast Journalism & Film from UNLV.
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New Member
Hello friends and fellow Escapees, Please help me WIN my dream job! Having read about a competition advertised right here on ESC, I have duly applied by entering a video that can be found on the l...
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New Member
Adventure challenge fanatic - Health & Fitness PR Professional. Huge into sport and travel...looking for opportunities to use my skills in marketing communications and PR continuing to adventure! I...
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New Member
Hi, I have been working in the financial industry for 4 years where I could gain experience in project management and relationship management. The job lacked satisfaction as there was no product wi...
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New Member
Hi, I'm a marketing and advertising expert hoping to find a web/UI designer who can help me 'visualise' my entrepreneurial idea.
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New Member
Currently working in data analytics the city, exploring options to do something more fullfilling...
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New Member
Hi! Im an Advertising and PR Spanish student currently taking her last Bachelor year in the Netherlands, within the Communication Management and European Studies field. After finishing my Degre...
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New Member
Hello - I'm a water resources engineer with almost 9 years of experience. I am passionate for both engineering and water resources. I am knoledgeable in ecologic, hydrologic processes, environmenta...
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New Member
Hi, I'm a Six Sigma Consultant with 3 years of process improvement/process reengineering experience in financial services industry. I'm also an avid traveler looking for opportunity to move away fr...
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New Member
Hello! I'm an entrepreneur and escapee since 2011. I'm now building a company which speeds up learning curves. Chat to me about adapting faster to new cultures and finding a fun way to tackle clima...
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New Member
Board Member @Crepaway // Host & Producer @MTVLebanon #MinAL // Into environment, green tech, food and simple pleasures. One day, i'm going to take a break from the city and escape into a new fo...
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New Member
Writer, social media strategist & mental health coach. Founder of http://PolishandSparkle.com, the site for creatives who won't let illness dull their shine. Passionate about traveling & would love...
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