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Hi, I am a multimedia producer at Sky News. I'm a foodie and love travelling, wildlife and cinema. I'm looking for some volunteering opportunities in the literacy area.
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Traveller and friend, moonwalker at times, I worked in London in conferences, then joined INGOs to work in developing countries, human rights mostly. After the past two years being an Italian xpatr...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I’m a Rights Manager with 5 years business development experience. I’m looking for job opportunities in Publishing or the Motorcycle Industry in the UK or abroad. I also have an idea f...
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I am a graduate from MIT with a B.S. in Economics & Management Science. I presently work as an Associate at PwC, doing M&A Advisory. I hope to transition to a position focusing on quantitative-b...
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Dudes, got that ad "The greatest risk..." (Superb). Been Urban Surfing for 9 years (Snake Oil skin finally gone! ), Taken sinecure employment on occassions, its been fun, written two books. So I on...
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My name is Marie and i'm from Montreal. I'm an ex model agent who now works freelance in order to craft my own projects and be my own boss. I'll be launching a web magazine for teenage girls from Q...
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Maxime Levesque is an entrepreneur with experience in crowdfunding. He currently focuses on the development of crowdfunding in Canada. Maxime is the founder of Fundo.ca, one of the first Canadia...
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New Member
Reuters news photographer, based in Mumbai. Previously in Singapore 2005-2011. Indian-born, moved to New Zealand when I was a kid, and grew up in Australia. Ten years experience in photojournali...
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New Member
I am from Dorset, United Kingdom, though at present I am working in the Ivory Coast for the HALO Trust. I have a background in construction Project Management in both the Private and NGO sector's. ...
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New Member
Freelance and Social Entrepreneur helping grow Online Start Ups and NGOs while representing Spain playing Rugby around the World (http://bit.ly/1183pPf). Analytical person, following Lean Start...
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New Member
I have extensive experience in events, sales, customer service, and teaching. I'd like to work organising projects and events, for a charity or social enterprise. I'm creative, motivated, and I lo...
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New Member
too many years in prison (office and only walls and pc)
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