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New Member
I'm a young, open minded person, likely to travel every time I have enough money in order to get new experiences of life and enlarge my horizons and connections. I'm looking for an exciting job to ...
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New Member
7 years exp as event manager, 10 as Finance&Admin, 5 in Human Resource. Worked in Italy, Brussels, Spain, France, Nederland as consultant and employed staff, from Corporate to United Nations, arriv...
New Member
I am a hair stylist that has a well rounded resume of both technical skill, teaching and managing the beauty industry. I am looking to free lance both my talents as a stylist but also as an educato...
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New Member
Hi, i'm from Italy and I'm working for an accountant. I'm looking for a job that could leave me more free time during the afternoon (I always stop working at 7 p.m.).
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New Member
Ciao a tutti, sono un consulente assicurativo iscritto al registro Rui. Mi occupo della consulenza assicurativa a 360 gradi, per offrire il miglior servizio e disponibilità alla clientela. Sto cerc...
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New Member
I am technologist employed in a public research company in Italy. I'm looking for a way to move to the countryside and work in contact with nature and human beings. I'm interested in shiatsu ma...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm James from London After graduate school in England (UCL School of Public Policy) I went to work in Ghana for 6 months running a school and 2 businesses. It was such a rewarding...
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New Member
I am a very stylish girl. I am looking for a new exciting experience in a creative world, to break from my 4 years of corporate work. I see this site as an opportunity to save myself from a li...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I am a web project manager with a 2 years experience in Ecommerce and Crowdfunding. I'd like to find interesting projects, cool ideas and smart startup to help develop. Fancy to get to...
New Member
I am currently a Sales Executive, within the sporting industry, I am looking for a hospitality based role, although I am also a trained massage therapist.
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New Member
Entrepreneur in the making. Motorcycling, surfing and swimming enthusiast. Life's biggest fan.
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New Member
Hi! I'm a Head of History in a challenging secondary school in East London looking to move into an education start-up which will help disadvantaged kids achieve their goals. I've got an idea for a ...
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