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Hi, I'm currently a Project Manager in Finance, originally of continental European origin who is looking for opportunities in a different sector and/ or different country. With a background in pol...
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Criminal Barrister with a passion for juvenile justice, human rights, and film. Looking for exciting opportunities in the UK and across the world.
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How can I find the work I love,my passion, vision?
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I'm currently employed as an aluminum analyst for a commodities trading firm. I'm looking for opportunities in financial analysis for innovative start ups or non for profits that focus in renewable...
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I am an ex city lawyer who has recently qualified as personal trainer trainer and have set up my own business. i keep having the odd moment where i question whether i have done the right thing and ...
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Hi, Im a Tour guide in Riviera Maya for the last 5 years ,loving nature more and more everyday so im looking for job opportunities that are related with nature and sustainable projects, that includ...
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My name is Evan Dawood I am a graduates student with an associate degree in design. I'm self motivated and hard worker I love working in a people. I would love to open a successful business one day...
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Hi, I'm fluent in French and Spanish, have one years experience in the corporate world as communications and client engagement manager for a London tech start up. Learnt a lot but now looking for s...
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Hi, I'm a vet working in private practice in the UK. I'd love to use my unique skills in developing countries.
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Hi everyone, I’m a Project Manager with 4 years experience in e-commerce and start-up. I’m looking for new job opportunities in e-commerce, fashion or lifestyle in Vancouver, New York, Geneva or Lo...
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Hi all, I'm a Management Consultant with 3.5 years experience in Project Management/IT Strategy and Transformation. I'm looking for roles in Technology, Professional Services and Digital/Medial whi...
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I'm a qualified accountant with 5 years experience working with distressed and insolvent companies across a range of sectors with often difficult and emotionally involved stakeholders. I am look...
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