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New Member
Currently I'm a menu editor + proofreader + writer. I'd love to utilize my passion for food & writing, along with my skills I've acquired along the way, to work on something that is meaningful and ...
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New Member
Hello! After having worked as a consultant in business development, marketing strategy with an international scope... I am now interted in breaking every mold and start something brand new in Mexic...
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New Member
Hi I'm an Environmental Health Officer who escaped the UK to New Zealand. Looking for inspiration and opportunities in NZ to branch out into my own business, possibly in training/ instructing.
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New Member
Canadian in England. Wanderlust traveller. Wannabe baker & photographer. Ice hockey fanatic. Animal lover. Cake obsessed. Volunteer for a Kenyan charity. I have many interests and travelled ext...
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New Member
Lucy, twenty something, Belgian in Boston. I speak French, Italian, and English. At Gonzaga University, I studied public relations, Italian studies, and secondary language education. After getting ...
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New Member
With 7 years of management consultant position and ca. 100k kms on my motorbike I am looking forward to changing my job so that it can be connected to motorcycles (in any way). Also, having travele...
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New Member
My name is Marc Osian. I'm a student at Duke University, studying Public Policy. I'm passionate about social entrepreneurship, business, connecting with people, and the arts, and I'm looking to do ...
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New Member
Italian, 33. Education in finance & banking, I started working in Museums, but ended up in management consulting and bank. I'm always looking for new challenges and adventures. Creativity is impor...
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New Member
Hi all, i'm one year into a three year accountancy training contract at one of the big 4 accountancy firms. Looking to see what the world has to offer me when i'm ready to move onwards and upwar...
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New Member
Hi all, I'm a credit trader with about 2 years experience in the markets and degrees in computer science and management. I'm looking for job opportunities in Technology companies or Internet start-...
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New Member
Hi there, I'm Heather, I've got 10 years experience in PR, 8 of which are within the travel publishing industry and I'm ready for a new challenge in London or abroad. I am keen to work for a charit...
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New Member
Hello world, I am Banker with 7 years experience, mostly in property and now restructuring. I would love to put my skills to use in projects for social good e.g. infrastructure, green or social pr...
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