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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm a Panel Development manager for a market Research company - I love the position but I'd like to have more opportunity in the travel field.. I'd love to go and test new place drop m...
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New Member
Humble and hungry, which will never change. I'm a Finance professional working towards Finance / Strategy role in a high growth company. Plugged into NYC Tech and life, would love to chat.
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New Member
Hello. I'm Paula & I believe in Living Life to the Full. I have a list of 99 things I have acheived so far & my list of things to do increases every time I am inspired with a fresh idea! My list ca...
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New Member
With me, I bring over six years of communications experience - from broadcast to market research to PR. I’m at a point in my life where I am looking for a job that will allow me to dedicate my da...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm a highly motivated, innovative and dynamic senior manager with 14 years of successful experience in commercial and third sector Marketing, Policy and Communications. I'm on the l...
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New Member
Hi, I work as a coach supporting elite funded athletes. Left the Army and studied undergrad and postgrad degrees before this. Over the last few years ive speculated (modestly) in equities and more ...
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New Member
I'm Diana 34 years old. I'm italian and I live in Milan but every excuse is good to escape from here. I work in the show business ( Thetre) as free lance, sometimes I'm a communication manager or t...
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New Member
Hello to everyone, I am a 25 years old Social Media, marketing and advertising passionate girl, with new entry experience in the above fields. I am looking for an abroad experience, mostly I would ...
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New Member
I have just graduated from University, and am looking for opportunities in journalism, enjoying a particular satirical stance! I'd be keen to get the opportunity to travel; having lived all over th...
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New Member
Hi, I'm a Retail Analyst for a global brand with eight years experience. I am now looking to broaden my horizons and move out of a desk bound job into a more flexible and fulfilling role in which ...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I’m a Business Unit Manager with 8 years banking/ property/data analysis & IT account management experience. I’m looking for job opportunities in Technology (mobile especially) in USA....
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New Member
I am a Mexican writer and editor seeking for job opportunities that will lead me to other parts of Mexico or the world. Currently I am Content Coordinator in an award winning Communication agency a...
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