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Hi all, i'm one year into a three year accountancy training contract at one of the big 4 accountancy firms. Looking to see what the world has to offer me when i'm ready to move onwards and upwar...
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Hi all, I'm a credit trader with about 2 years experience in the markets and degrees in computer science and management. I'm looking for job opportunities in Technology companies or Internet start-...
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Hi there, I'm Heather, I've got 10 years experience in PR, 8 of which are within the travel publishing industry and I'm ready for a new challenge in London or abroad. I am keen to work for a charit...
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New Member
Hello world, I am Banker with 7 years experience, mostly in property and now restructuring. I would love to put my skills to use in projects for social good e.g. infrastructure, green or social pr...
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Hi. I'm recently graduated a bachelor degree in business administration, majoring in tourism and hospitality management. I'm currently trying to find what i want to do with my life and what i want ...
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New Member
COO of @parkatmyhouse, writer, curious child, belated Twitterer
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New Member
Hey everyone, I'm a sports and fashion loving business man who is currently exploring process optimalization and marketing/communication opportunities all over the world.
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New Member
Hello! I recently completed a Master's in Social Anthropology. I have just returned from spending a few months working and volunteering in Cairo. I will soon be spending 10 weeks volunteering in Ni...
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New Member
Hi. I'm a languages graduate with experience working and volunteering abroad in both teaching and working with HIV charities. I have more recent experience in recruitment but would love to eventual...
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New Member
Project management, data analysis and communication expertise coupled with environmental policy and international development experience. Lived and worked across three continents in two languages (...
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New Member
Hey, I've worked in finance for almost five years, and I've recently decided to escape the 9-5, Monday to Friday standard. I'm pretty skilled with the finance side, and wouldn't be afraid to ebrace...
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