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New Member
I am a general online marketer and I am Google PPC certified. I am looking for jobs, work, projects, where I can help people with their sites. I live in Chicago, but I am very well traveled. Let me...
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New Member
I am currently working in Research at the University of Liverpool within the Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology. I'm active, ambitious and particularly interested in all things sports/...
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New Member
An experienced chef looking for a new adventure. So far in addition to having worked in world renowned restaurants I have opened some businesses both franchises as well as independent operations. ...
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New Member
I'm interested in starting up my own business upcycling everyday items into pretty and practical items for the home. I'm a stay at home mum at the moment so trying to figure out how to do both! I...
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New Member
Hey there. I'm a Brit working in the digital advertising space in New York and while it's been great experience, I yearn to do something outside of advertising. Having just read Paul Graham's essay...
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New Member
Currently working in the city. Been in finance in one disguise or another for 10 years. Need something new
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New Member
Hello, I'm LEGO SERIOUS PLAY ® Facilitator, helping organizations with creating a tangible identity, strategy, or idea for products and services. Currently my big theme is doing research on how org...
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New Member
Hello! I am a creative nerd, business consultant, marketer, data miner, educator, and author with a passion for learning. I am looking for job opportunities in which I can help find and establish...
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New Member
I am a very persistent and motivated individual, who has already proven his leadership, team work and entrepreneurial skills through the establishment of a profitable real estate company and a few ...
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New Member
Hello adventurers, I'm a small business minded individual looking for creative career paths. I spent 4 years managing a small painting company and was very successful until the housing bubble burst...
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New Member
Hi everyone I am a student of computer engineering. I'm looking for job opportunities in Technology or Internet start-ups in London, Dublin or Dublin and Australia.
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm a solicitor in the City coming up to 2 years PQE. I am considering my options for a move - I am primarily thinking of HR but I feel the skills I have picked up so far could be tran...
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