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Creo en intersecciones, no en coincidencias.
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New Member
Hello, I'm a recent college graduate with a passion for film and nature. I'm looking for job opportunities that could possibly combine the two. What I really want is for my filmmaking to be a lifel...
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New Member
Hello, I am a Product Manager in the area of Cash Management, E-Commerce, consumer and large business markets. My expertise is P&L management, Relationship Management, Product and Marketing strateg...
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New Member
I am 25, energetic, ambitious, and passionate. I believe I need to challenge myself to do something different, inspiring and extraordinary. Please help me. NY qualified lawyer working in a law f...
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New Member
Help me find a new career!!! I have a BA in psychology and volunteer as a student mentor. Most of my career experience has been in quality control and customer oriented service. I would like to swi...
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New Member
Senior Product Manager with 7 years experience with digital and phisical products in Canada. Scrum Agile and Pragmatic Marketing certified with Masters in e-Business Technologies. Looking for op...
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New Member
I am a management consultant specialising in business strategy and marketing with 10 years+ experience working for global FMCG clients. I'm looking to work with ethical businesses who want to make ...
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New Member
I spend a lot of my free time preparing for adventure races, reading, writing, cooking, with friends and obsessing over technology. I would love to move to a technology, publishing or outdoor purs...
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New Member
I'm Taichi, founder of Happiness Architect. Happiness Architect is a collaboration design agency with a mission to create a collaborative community for happiness. We work to make like-minded people...
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New Member
Hi. I'm a financially qualified management consultant with 11 years experience. I'm now looking for a change, hopefully into something that fires me up and has a positive impact on/for others. My f...
Connect with Martin
New Member
I am a social scientiest with work experiences in many fields
Connect with T.Thompson
New Member
I am an active, ambitious and adventurous final year student of Latin American Studies. I would love the opportunity to work in Spanish as it is the most exciting aspect of my degree. I am a proble...
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