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My name is Georgia. Its a Country and a State. I am looking for a design related internship in London or abroad, I live in London and I study Graphic Design at Leeds Uni.
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I'm a 3 years qualified construction and infrstructure projects solicitor looking for inspiration from this genious website. I'm fluent in Spanish & Portuguese and am keen to offer any expertise i...
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I'm currently enrolled in the International Development Bachelor program at the University of Vienna.One of my most distinguishing characteristics is the diversity of experiences I possess.I'm part...
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I'm a Managing Consultant for a successful international CRM software consultancy. I have 5 years experience in technical consultancy, business analysis, process refining, training and project mana...
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Jon Beardmore
Looking for Adventure? – How to develop an adventurous lifestyle while maintaining a career.

Hi, my name is Jon and I'm a part time project manager / adventurer. For my escape I’m planning an overland vehicle expedition ...

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Jon Beardmore
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Hi there. I started my career as a Paramedic and since then have had 10 years national and international experience as a program/project/policy/event manager mostly in the public sector, but some ...
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Howdy Doody escapees, I'm a marketing manager about to go AWOL on her first big adventure. In June 2013 I'll be touching down in Alaska to cycle 13,000 miles through all 50 states of the USA. Not r...
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Where do I start if I want to escape within my own city?
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I am a general online marketer and I am Google PPC certified. I am looking for jobs, work, projects, where I can help people with their sites. I live in Chicago, but I am very well traveled. Let me...
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I am currently working in Research at the University of Liverpool within the Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology. I'm active, ambitious and particularly interested in all things sports/...
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An experienced chef looking for a new adventure. So far in addition to having worked in world renowned restaurants I have opened some businesses both franchises as well as independent operations. ...
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