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Hi everyone. i'm working on a start up which deals with media tablets being used to promote businesses, education, hospitality and tourism sector. I'm looking for a co-founder who specializes in so...
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Volunteering with a real sense of purpose
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Hello, I'm a marketing manager with five years of experience in marketing and communications with an emphasis on event planning. I practice yoga and sustainability, love nature, and am interested...
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New Member
I am a retired British Army Officer now working in the fund management industry. Looking for inspiration and advice at this stage. I'm more than happy to be used as a sounding board for others who ...
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New Member
I am a Product manager in an Internet start-up. I am not currently looking for job opportunities.
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I'm the Director of Boss Integrated Building Services providing Mechanical & Electrical Project Management and Consultation with ten years experience working within the construction industry.
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Hi everybody, I´m HR senior consultant and worked all my professional carreer helping companies and people to improve and develop themselves. I´ve passionate on coaching, and I´m certified. Nowaday...
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Entrepreneur, Consultant
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Looking for interesting opportunities in startups/strategy - Background in financial services sales/research
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I am an Army Officer with 9 years experience. I am looking for job opportunities in new and exciting areas, outside London or overseas. I am interested in outdoor activities, fitness and motivation...
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Hey Everyone! I heard about this concept and must say I was intrigued. I've been in corporate American now for 5 years, looking to find ways to make a difference that are out there. I want to make ...
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