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New Member
Hi everybody, I´m HR senior consultant and worked all my professional carreer helping companies and people to improve and develop themselves. I´ve passionate on coaching, and I´m certified. Nowaday...
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New Member
Entrepreneur, Consultant
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New Member
Looking for interesting opportunities in startups/strategy - Background in financial services sales/research
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New Member
I am an Army Officer with 9 years experience. I am looking for job opportunities in new and exciting areas, outside London or overseas. I am interested in outdoor activities, fitness and motivation...
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New Member
Hey Everyone! I heard about this concept and must say I was intrigued. I've been in corporate American now for 5 years, looking to find ways to make a difference that are out there. I want to make ...
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New Member
Thinker, writer ,a lover of art and culture in general, strongly attracted to the traditions and foreign locations, I would like to work with people from other continents to improve my English and ...
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New Member
Mid 20's #NYC and #Hoboken based #wedding and #event planner for #BizBash and Square Mile Events. Visit my #wedding blog http://t.co/Yad27CiR for wedding tips!
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New Member
Hi, after almost 10 years of high level politics, business development and legal consultancy in Brussels, I'm ready for more genuine satisfaction. I'm looking for challenges in sustainable business...
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New Member
I am an Oxford Graduate working at UBS Investment Bank - I am looking for an international adventure in a creative, dynamic & challenging working environment- marketing, consulting, I am open to an...
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New Member
... work in progress
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New Member
Hello, I´m a pediatrician who worked for about five years at a children´s university hospital. I´m interested in the fields of medical relief agencies, HIV research, art therapy and self-healing. ...
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New Member
Medios digitales y política internacional en @Columbia. Web, redes y multimedia en @reformacom. Mis opiniones no son las de la empresa.
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