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Hi, I used to be a process engineer/business analyst for the investment banks and last year made my grand escape to set up a fitness and health web site. I am looking for people to help me build th...
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New Member
I currently working in Sales & Marketing, mainly dealing with publicity, social media, brand strategy, business development, lead generation and advertising. I would like to be involved in somet...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm a graduate student of international studies. Right now I'm looking for research opportunities and/or working for a NGO in the subjects of Human Rights and culture, within México or...
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New Member
I'm a Entrepreneur in search of Adventure, have experience in operations management and leading teams and projects. I am interested in food and exotic cuisine.
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New Member
I am a French graduate Communication student with a passion for the luxury travel/hospitality industry. I am looking for an internship or entry level position in those fields for March-August 2013,...
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New Member
Hi everyone! I've been working in the banking sector for the past three years, half of which was spent as an assistant manager in a retail branch. I'm looking for interesting projects to which I co...
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New Member
Entrepreneur, folk musician & Co-Founder of new charity fundraising platform @Myraising
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New Member
Oxford-educated, former strategy consultant now looking to move from a leading Entertainment & Comms company to the world of a startup.
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New Member
Hi, I am young professional with experience in Social Media and SaaS software. I'm looking for opportunities in startups in London. I would like to work in internet and technology as that is what I...
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Do you want to change finance for the better?
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A travel extraordinaire looking for friends, connections and good times around the world. Besides cooking and teaching experience, I am learning about blog management and internet marketing. Contac...
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