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New Member
Hi everyone. I'm a brand manager with 4 years experience from FMCG, and currently work in BT in a rotational programme. I am looking for opportunities in smaller companies in virtually any sector e...
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New Member
I have just left the Army, where I ran the operations/training programme for a 4500-strong organisation and led large teams. I am currently working on a project in the mobile industry but looking f...
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New Member
I'm a business development specialist having spent 4 years working in media and professional services. I have ideas relating to businesses targeting the pink pound but I'm generally looking for thi...
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New Member
Hey everyone - I am currently finance undergrad at the Sauder School of Business (UBC). I am searching for opportunities in impact investing and social enterprise. I am also interested in talking w...
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New Member
I'm a licensed Emergency Medical Technician, 25 years young, an ambitious hard worker, looking to find the real world. I am looking for a job outdoors that can possibly incorporate my EMT training...
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New Member
Hi, I'm "Coop". I'm an American living in Mexico as an independent contractor for a Fortune 100 company in the US. I am a call center consultant who lead sales trainings and one-on-one coaching, ...
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New Member
I am a higher education management consultant and bicycle program director. I'm passionate about people, placemaking, music, technology and bicycling. I'm looking for job opportunities working...
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New Member
My pleasure is in working with finances, personal and business. My experience includes work as a Tax Preparer, Bookkeeper, and Loan Originator. I enjoy my work and take pride in seeing financial li...
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New Member
I am Vanesa Velasquez. I am currently employed in Children's Hospital Boston as a family financial counselor. I know that I love to help people and make a difference. Looking to branch out of corpo...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm a qualified journalist currently working as a fashion writer in London. I'd love to move into a job more focused on health and wellbeing, whether as a health writer or training to ...
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New Member
Hi there, I'm a senior planner for a digital agency based in Central London. I'm fascinated by advances in psychology, behaviouralism and psychometrics, particularly in relation to social data and ...
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New Member
Hello! I'm an investment banker with 3 years of Leveraged Finance experience. I'm looking for a unique role that can integrate my analytical background with some sort of strategy / development focu...
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