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​I am a freelance media trainer & project manager who specializes in implementing multimedia projects. I have been in the field for nearly 5 years, and open for a new challenges in Multimedia and I...
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I have had solid experience of working in the sports-related industry sector for 3 years, particularly in Client Services. I have co-founded London Italians Rugby Club and now I am looking for oppo...
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New Member
I am experienced and hard-working with a background in clients services in sports. I want to get into a setup which values my personality as well as my skills, I love meeting new people and establi...
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New Member
Hey everyone. I am a social worker with 2 years experience working with families. I am interested in finding out what opportunities are out there.
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How does one find a business Partner?
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Digital Creative Director / Designer with 6 years experience. I'm looking for opportunities in the Technology or Digital marketing / media sectors anywhere in the world. I am a Sports Addict and w...
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New Member
Hi!. I am a Chinese speaking Business Executive at a mining startup in London focused on minerals exploration projects in Nigeria. I am interested in business development and particularly keen on p...
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New Member
Hey , I am a tax accountant and have 12 years experience in the Malaysian economic enviroment . I would love to help potential investors into my country as the Asean region is progressing in the ec...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I left france, 4 years ago and travelled a long time in Asia. For now, i'm volunteer at GRP - Phuket - Thailand and take care of Gibbons. I'd like to find a similar project in Asia,...
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New Member
Hello! I'm a perpetual traveler, photographer and responsible hedonist transplanted from Texas into the heart San Francisco. I've successfully helped lead a start-up from 99 members to over 5 mil...
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New Member
Hello. I am a senior level risk manager for a large consumer bank, with especially deep background in payments, fraud, customer segmentation, and credit risk management. Since a major restructuring...
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New Member
Hi Escapers :) I am an integrative pharmacist and holisitic health counselor. I am looking to start my own consulting business, go explore and experience the world of whole health, various cultur...
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