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New Member
A highly organized; intelligent; goal-oriented; technically sophisticated business savvy professional with a self-motivating attitude and extensive knowledge of handling daily administrative tasks...
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New Member
I have been living in Argentina for over 4 years now, not only escaping the city but escaping the rat race that infultrates the northern countries. I am searching for my place in the world, that I...
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New Member
I'm new to the Orlando area and am loving it! My experience is vast! I am a licensed cosmetologist, have worked in a salon, NY Fashion Week, and as an educator. I have my 440 insurance license. I a...
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New Member
I'm a trainee at a big 4 accountancy firm with 9 months of my training contract remaining and wondering what to do next.
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New Member
Hello, My business experiences are management, marketing, communications and computer science. I have worked in different sector such as tourism, edition, ... Living in Tangier, northern Morocco,...
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New Member
Budding Marketer with a product design background, on the look out for a PR/branding role in or out-with the creative sector. I can offer great interpersonal skills, dedication, passion for marketi...
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New Member
The last three years I have been working with sales and marketing across Europe for a private aviation company. I'm looking to join an early stage technology or internet start-up, in Europe or furt...
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New Member
Hi everyone. I'm a brand manager with 4 years experience from FMCG, and currently work in BT in a rotational programme. I am looking for opportunities in smaller companies in virtually any sector e...
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New Member
I have just left the Army, where I ran the operations/training programme for a 4500-strong organisation and led large teams. I am currently working on a project in the mobile industry but looking f...
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New Member
I'm a business development specialist having spent 4 years working in media and professional services. I have ideas relating to businesses targeting the pink pound but I'm generally looking for thi...
Connect with Grace A-L
New Member
Hey everyone - I am currently finance undergrad at the Sauder School of Business (UBC). I am searching for opportunities in impact investing and social enterprise. I am also interested in talking w...
Connect with Rebecca Konsolos
New Member
I'm a licensed Emergency Medical Technician, 25 years young, an ambitious hard worker, looking to find the real world. I am looking for a job outdoors that can possibly incorporate my EMT training...
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