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New Member
Hello All, I am an Equity Trader (20+ years of experience) for a Regional Wall Street brokerage firm. I am very interested in connecting with fellow escapethecity.org members to share experiences...
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New Member
Hello, I am an Australian living in Belgium creating software for factories and warehouses. Over the past decade I've built solutions for Nestle, Kraft, Coca-cola, InBev and even a door factory! Ev...
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New Member
I am Marketing Specialist at the hotel of international chain in Russia. I am looking for an opportunity to be a marketing person within a private business.
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New Member
I am currently a MSc student at Lund University studying International Development & Management. Areas of interest include refugees, maternal health, human rights, democracy, or immigration. I have...
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New Member
I am a MSc Sustainable Development graduate. My dissertation explored art and sustainability and the use of sound for communication. In the future I hope to create participatory, immersive sound ex...
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New Member
Hi, I am a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist and work with athletes and those with the usual aches and pains of a busy life. I have active interests in running, sailing and skiing. My family i...
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New Member
My name is Jacob McLeod and I am a Mechanical Engineer with a BS from Kettering University living in Denton, TX. I have 4 years of professional experience including product design and development r...
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New Member
I am a portuguese young marketing professional living and working in London for almost 2 years now. I am looking to escape from the buzz of this frenetic city and embrace new challenges. I 4 years ...
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New Member
My name is Chelsea Harshfield and I am a senior business management major at Huntington University. I will be graduating next semester and I want to do something unconventional, or something that w...
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New Member
Social Media Director @ 41? 29! http://www.kutayates.com
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New Member
Hi all! I'm Business Development manager from the country you probably do not know - Belarus. My homecountry is small and nice with temperate continental climate and same citizens' style of life. I...
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New Member
I'm currently working in equity research for a bank but am looking to start/get involved with a project related to something I'm passionate about. Three things I'm pondering involve music (record s...
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