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My name is Evelin, originally from Bulgaria, but living and studying in Birmingham. I have a great passion for travel and my dream is to visit as many countries as possible and to encounter loads o...
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New Member
I'm an Idealist. Someone who believes that you create your own destiny and that if you love something enough that you'll go through anything to accomplish it. I'm looking for opportunities to expo...
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New Member
I have a long history of international experience in the Asia-Pacific region (US, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan). Recently I have used my other passions in a new career path with photography, digital...
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New Member
Hello! I'm a Masters in Management student studying at London Business School looking for a job with a social enterprise start-up in exciting London or beautiful Vancouver, before I hit it off on m...
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New Member
Worked in asset management for 1.5 yrs. Currently, interested in start-ups: business development side.
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New Member
I love thinking outside the box and approaching things with a unique and realistic appraoch. I am a thinker, a dreamer, and creative. I love the world around me and am highly motivated through grou...
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New Member
Hi, I'm currently working as a Travel Agent, and have over 18 months experience organising flights, tours, hotels and anything else you can imagine. I speak fluent French, and have traveled extensi...
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New Member
World citizen, EMBA. Expert in designing performance solutions for executives. Collaborative management & strategy to foster innovation & creativity. I am looking for supporter from HR community ...
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New Member
Hi there, I am an Corporate Events Professional with 15 years experience. I am looking for exciting opportunities and start up businesses in the UK.
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New Member
Hello everyone. I am a Learning and Development Manager (have L&D experience as a consultant, in in-house roles and in three Olympic projects). I also had my own company, producing and selling ge...
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Does anyone have any leads that are fashion related?
New Member
Currently working in Product Development for one of the biggest clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh. Looking to utilize my skills while gaining more experience abroad.
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