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World citizen, EMBA. Expert in designing performance solutions for executives. Collaborative management & strategy to foster innovation & creativity. I am looking for supporter from HR community ...
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Hi there, I am an Corporate Events Professional with 15 years experience. I am looking for exciting opportunities and start up businesses in the UK.
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Hello everyone. I am a Learning and Development Manager (have L&D experience as a consultant, in in-house roles and in three Olympic projects). I also had my own company, producing and selling ge...
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Does anyone have any leads that are fashion related?
New Member
Currently working in Product Development for one of the biggest clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh. Looking to utilize my skills while gaining more experience abroad.
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Results-oriented, international, and looking for an opportunity to join an exciting start up/growth fund- or possibly launch a biz from scratch with partners who are sharp, pragmatic and with unfla...
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New Member
Sandile from South Africa and I now reside in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.I am in health services as a counselor, tester and educator for people infected and affect by HIV. I am at school doing a masters ...
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New Member
I love travel, meeting new people and exploring new things. Adventure is my middle name and something I am always in search of, whether it is a complex business problem or hiking to the top of a gl...
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New Member
I want to make a difference, and have an experience of lifetime while doing so. Multi-million dollar Broker/ Realtor for a leading real estate firm in the area/ world; education in Psychology/Geron...
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New Member
Married to Sarah. A designer living on south coast UK - fascinated by community & technology. 2 daughters + Cats + Jesus
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New Member
MA Art Business candidate at the Sotheby's Institute of Art in London. I am looking for exciting internship or part-time job within the art sector in London. Very enthusiastic and reliable person, ...
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New Member
I'm a Part 1 Architectural Assistant looking for a creative career that sees my used to my full potential. In my time I have been an actor, soldier salesman and archaeologist and each of these dif...
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