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Hi friends, my name is Sean Willard and after 20 yrs as a full time Pharmacist I sold my business and became a speaker, coach and author of the book "Have a Life Attack". I have a passion for Orpha...
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I'm searching for a business partner
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Hi everyone, I’m an ex-IT consultant with over 10 years business experience. I run a food buisness with my wife. I’m looking for opportunities in Technology or start-ups in London, UK or abroad. ...
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New Member
Hi, I'm a 21 year old English Literature graduate looking for jobs in advertising or journalism. I have work experience in retail, newspapers and brand strategy but have yet to find a job. I live i...
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Dear Escapers, I am a creative sales professional and consultant with fifteen years of experience in various industries and a successful record in Central Europe, Middle East and Africa. I am thril...
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I´m a Spanish biologist and Imworking in a biotechnology consultory in Spain. I´d like to travel abroad with my boyfried and I´m looking for job opportunities in Biotechnology in any country. If no...
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Having undertaken extensive work experience in the financial sector (KPMG and Barclays Wealth) I have decided I want to pursue a more creative career. This year I am working for an events managemen...
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A recent Media graduate, I have 4 years Radio experience in production and event management. I currently work freelance as a Multi-Skilled Studio Operator in a Television Broadcasting department an...
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New Member
British 28 year-old seeking to establish a career that is useful to people worldwide or local. Overland tour leading in Africa, project management with the MoD, English teaching & travel experience...
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New Member
HELLO, I’m a Management Accountant/Business Controller with international experience and exposure to big company. I’m looking for job opportunities in London or preferably abroad. I am passionate a...
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New Member
Hi, I've started and exited two ventures and recently moved to London to find a new startup to work on/with. My experience is across industries, although my interest lies in particular in mobile...
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New Member
Hello everyone, I am a Corporate Account Manager for a new start-up Japanese food company. My background is law and food. I am looking for like-minded entrepreneurial people to set-up another food ...
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