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I'm Daniela Dini, I'm a freelance journalist & travel writer. I write about places, I look for secrets in the cities and focus my articles in lifestyle and urban trends. I work for La Nación newspa...
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MChem (Oxon) 2003. Created the Suicide Olympics at the Secret Garden Party festival. Co-founded Guerilla Science (sci-comms). Want consumer internet start-up experience London or SF. Give me a shout.
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Film and Photography | Camera Operator and Editor | Passionate about Wildlife, Conservation and Adventure!
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A 29 year-old man looking for ambitious and creative people with tempting perspectives. Possibly interested in fashion or movie projects (distribution, promotion, events, production). I'd love to ...
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How can a graduate can gain experience in the social enterprise sector?
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Hi everyone, I am an accommodation (hotel) Manager in Portugal with twelve years experience. I am looking for a business opportunity in London within the food and beverage industry. I have a good i...
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Hello! I'm a Universal Banker who is fluent in Spanish. I'm looking to discuss jobs working with international people at home or abroad and in any line of work. I am a quick learner at languages, s...
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Hello: I'm currently doing Property Management with a Affordable Housing Non-Profit Organization. I'm seeking for employment opportunities in areas of Community and Economic Development in Urban Ar...
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Hola! I have a background in marketing and events. I welcome any opportunities to work abroad. One of my best life experiences was working with under privileged children in Cuzco for 4 months. I wo...
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Hello! I'm a marketing manager with 8 years of experience in an international firm. I'm looking for a new start-up to get involved in, that doesn't hold me down to any geographical location. I'm a ...
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I'm a recently graduated Graphic Designer with a couple years of experience with brand development, web design, editorial design and typography.
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A former professional athlete and an experienced "People Manager" with and emphasis on driving performance metrics in Client Management, Sales and Service. My passion is rooted in increasing prod...
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