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New Member
Ciao, I’m one of the owners of two Italian Restaurants with more than 7 years experience. In the newest restaurant we try to serve only local, possibly organic affordable food. We are also implemen...
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New Member
I graduated as a politics major from Bates College and spent the past year teaching English in Thailand. I recently arrived home to Boston and am already ready to embark on another adventure. I'm...
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New Member
Hello there! I'm currently in my final year at University studying Philosophy and Theology. I'm looking for opportunities to see the world and to discover new things. My passion is books and readin...
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New Member
Hey everyone -- I'm a writer/editor with experience in journalism and online marketing. I'm looking for job opportunities in a similar field, but for an organization or group trying to make a diffe...
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New Member
- 10 years experience as Software Developer and Team Leader - Feldenkrais teacher (somatic movement therapy) - Personal Trainer - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts - Studying for BSc (...
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New Member
I'm a person who look for learning about each experience, taking the good and the bad parts of the each day. Looking for a job that make me grow in knowledge. I'll be a great worker happy to be in...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm finishing my PhD studies and I'm looking for job opportunities as related to Data Mining, Analytics or web development. I also have an idea on intelligent project management softwa...
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New Member
1) This is who I am http://www.dokhausberlin.org/htm/eng/carola_hesse.html 2) I am increasingly looking for ways to not only rise awareness through media, but also to use the new technologies whic...
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New Member
I'm looking for something, without knowing exactly what it is... like everyone else I would like to believe. I also believe in aliens. My name is Marianne, I worked in Film Production for the past...
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New Member
Hi Everyone, I'm a Management Consultant with 3 years post MBA business analysis & strategy experience. I'm looking for job opportunities in FMCG or Social Enterprise organisations in UK or abroad...
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New Member
Hi all. I work in Central London for a publisher. Looking for a way out of the city to other journalism opportunities in South East/South West England.
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New Member
Hello! I'm a recent Duke grad with a couple ideas for social enterprises. I'm looking to jump into the startup/social enterprise space to gain experience and then eventually start my own gig. I'm p...
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