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I am a born and bred African who recently moved to the USA. After 33yrs in South Africa I couldn't pass up the opportunity to come to a 1st world country. It has been a very rough journey but we ar...
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Hi, everyone! I am a pure blood escapee. I started escaping the city at 20 years old, and never stopped since. I worked as a tour leader in Palma de Mallorca and as a receptionist in the Greek Isla...
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Hi everyone, I’m a Swiss Investment Consultant with 6 years experience. I’m looking for new professional opportunities in Asset Management or Coporate Finance in UK. I am ready to help any interest...
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Business plan advice wanted for an exciting social enterprise project
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Hello, I'm a consultant with 4 years digital, strategy and marketing experience. I'm looking for new ideas & opportunities - be that a start up, young company or established big boy with verve. I w...
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I am working as Accounts Associate gaining accounting and business knowledge. I am working on a online fashion based fitting room startup which will help customer to buy best fitted clothes and so...
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Hi, my name is Christian, Im a recent Graduate from Durham University ('11) with a degree in bio-medical sciences and a well rounded individual with lots of extra life experiences. I am currently w...
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Hi! I've worked in finance for 10 years, focusing on debt capital markets. I recently got involved in launching a start-up in the interactive development/animation space and am looking for any oppo...
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I'm James, a recent graduate & a social media marketer from Ingenious Britain, a magazine designed to help out small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs in every facet of their business life. ...
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I am Phil, German business engineer by training in my early 30ies, with 6 years experience in Fortune 500 companies. Have lived in China for 4 years, working all across Asia. I am a driven, reliabl...
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Ciao, I’m one of the owners of two Italian Restaurants with more than 7 years experience. In the newest restaurant we try to serve only local, possibly organic affordable food. We are also implemen...
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I graduated as a politics major from Bates College and spent the past year teaching English in Thailand. I recently arrived home to Boston and am already ready to embark on another adventure. I'm...
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