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Contacts in the sports industry- marketing, PR and talent management?
New Member
I'm a Private PA looking to get back into office life. Super efficient, enjoy organising events, great with people, looking for a job that can incorporate all of the above!
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New Member
I'm a program analyst with over 10 years of Active Duty Military experience. I am looking for business development opportunities and would also love to open a gym/yoga studio with my wife.
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New Member
I escaped from corporate land in 2012 when I started working independently. I offer copywriting and branding with some occasional design work sprinkled in. If you like to drink wine while brainstor...
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New Member
Hi everyone. I'm a Project Manager with 5+ years' experience and specialism in training, network infrastructure, websites and social media. I am currently working as a Digital Project Manager and l...
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New Member
Hi Everyone, I am a marketing professional with 20 years of experience in Dubai. I am looking to reclaim my life by doing something different which will not only make me alive but also take care of...
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New Member
Hi, I am a mechanical engineer and MBA graduate with a 3 years experience in the Thermo-solar energy production and 2 years working for a HLD company. I am looking for an exiting job in a technol...
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New Member
UX Architect based in London. I like to deliver products that are easy to use and a joy to share. My work based on evidence rather than fingers in the air.
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New Member
My Name is Lucy Dunleavy. I have worked in medical recruitment for 5 years, and for the past 2 years I also run a weekend and evening dog training school. I would like to find a career that allows ...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I have graduated from Newcastle this year and I am currently doing a law conversion at BPP. I could join a law firm and spend the rest of my days there but there is more to learn so at...
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New Member
Love Ruby Looking Ruby projects
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New Member
I am circuit mamu from India. I am currently a developer. I wan't make some different with my future in Information Technology field.
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