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I am a teacher, anthropologist, financial planner, experienced company director, financial education strategist, writer and I know lots of people. Struggling with your strategy? Wide-angle lens n...
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New Member
Hi there! I have recently dropped out of my course at uni as it wasn't what I was looking for. I'm interested to chat to people who have done the same as myself but still gone on to do some excitin...
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New Member
I by Volta is an original combination of talents and multiple expertises, where the pleasure of creating and of innovating by the use (or the diversion) of new materials and technologies, is at th...
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New Member
I just graduated from bachelor of international business, planning to go to India for internship soon. Most interested in social enterprises and green industry, but any challenging job could be my...
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New Member
Hello everyone: I'm a Chemistry graduate with a years experience in health policy development and research. Currently applying for graduate medicine in London. I've just given my notice in, and I'm...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I am a professional services individual with an ACA and 3 1/2 years experience in one of the largest companies. I'm looking for a job in an internet start-up or entrepreneurial venture...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm in Communications with 3 years of experience on pre-dominantly working on corporate communications for the research in development sector. I'm just looking for something slightly d...
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New Member
Hi there! I'm a business developer and BPS-accredited graduate Psychologist, currently based in London (UK). I've worked internationally in diverse roles, and now looking to capitalise on my skill-...
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New Member
Hi there, I am a freight forwarding manager with 7 years of experience in Est Africa. I was working for a large corporation and I am now looking for opportunities in any potential project which may...
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New Member
Hi esc'ers! I've worked in the charity sector my whole career and have specialied in brand, advertising and marketing, working with brands like Cancer Research UK and Barnardo's. Looking for opport...
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New Member
interested in new ideas
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New Member
I am young and excited about life. MSc in Quantitative Economics and MBA with strong quantitative background and innate social skills. Fast learner and hard worker, I have an eclectic spirit and in...
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