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New Member
I'm a young woman with a colorful dream looking to actualize it and even beyond that, constantly asking myself: "What else is possible?" I'm here to inspire people to choose more for themselves wh...
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New Member
Currently working for WorldPay as an Area Sales Manager helping businesses grow by providing creative credit / debit card payment acceptance facilities. Looking for a change of career, I want to ...
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New Member
I'm a believer. Good luck and great people put me daily in situations where we can catalyze change by lowering the barriers to social and health innovation. I thrive on connecting people and ideas ...
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New Member
Graduate from Oxford University, First Class Honours in Law. Looking for a fun job.
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New Member
HELLO! I'm a clinical perfusionist (CCP) from salt lake city, with a background in medical device research and development engineering. I'm looking to do something awesome. I've operated heavy e...
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New Member
I have 5+ years of experience in client relationship, account management and project management in a digital industry. I also have experiences working in a non-profit with coordinating fundraising ...
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New Member
Hey guys, I'm a Fashion Designer and I've experience and passion in this kind of work! I love doing research trends, photography and styling. I've had experiences both in terms of the 'haute coutur...
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New Member
Hello, I'm an independent architect with 5 years experience focused on designing of private houses, business offices, restaurants (AutoCad, 3DsMAX, Adobe Photoshop, Scetch Up). I'm looking for job...
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New Member
I am a career administrator with 15 years of experience getting it done, no matter what it is, from Accounts Payable to global travel to corporate jet management and now I've come back around to my...
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New Member
Hello :) I have obtained a 2:1 degree on Accounting and finance. I have a vital exprerience in my field and I have worked for more than 5 years in the sales area. I'm an observer I love to examine ...
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New Member
Hello, I've spent the past nine years working in International Trade Compliance for a major defense contractor. I'm looking for job opportunities in nonprofit or human rights organizations. I've sp...
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