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New Member
I'm a graduate student with a background in finance (investment banking and real estate investment management). I also have internship experience in international development organization. I am loo...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I work in the Investment Banking industry but in desperate search for new inspiration. I am looking for new opportunities in London or abroad and hope the Escape the City Community ca...
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New Member
I'm Curren. 22. Musician and songwriter. I'm looking for help to sponsor my band or just peer to peer social networking to spread my music and band image. As of now, all my music is free for downlo...
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New Member
Hello! My name is Anastasia Cote- Rumsey, I am an artist living near Baltimore, Maryland. I have 3 years experience doing secretarial and clerical work and in December 2012 will be finishing my Bac...
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New Member
My name is Taylor Ashby, I just stumbled across this site, and am not 100% sure what it is about yet. I am looking to find a job or a good volunteer position in the outdoors for summer 2013. I am ...
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New Member
My name is Jeremy Swint. I am 25. I am looking for opportunities all over the globe. I would like to travel and find a way to help others in the process. I am interested in learning about other cul...
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New Member
Associate Strategist for Action Marketing, in Boulder, CO. Looking for opportunities in the U.S. and abroad with businesses that align with my passions. Special skills include business strategy, m...
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New Member
I am a trained architect and occupational therapist with a passion for rural community development, capacity building, public health and creating healthy living environments travel, experiencing an...
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New Member
I'm a young woman with a colorful dream looking to actualize it and even beyond that, constantly asking myself: "What else is possible?" I'm here to inspire people to choose more for themselves wh...
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New Member
Currently working for WorldPay as an Area Sales Manager helping businesses grow by providing creative credit / debit card payment acceptance facilities. Looking for a change of career, I want to ...
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New Member
I'm a believer. Good luck and great people put me daily in situations where we can catalyze change by lowering the barriers to social and health innovation. I thrive on connecting people and ideas ...
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