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New Member
I've am a UK Equities trader in London looking to utilise my skills and do something where I don't have to get up at 510am! Before trading I was a executive assistant to a partner at Goldman Sachs ...
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New Member
social media maven. wine, dog, and beach lover. voracious reader. traveler. cherish my S&W 686. gluten-free. songwriter.
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New Member
I currently work as an investment specialist and i have 5 years of industry experience. I would like to do something different, either start my own business which could be an online or physical loc...
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New Member
Hi, I'm a civil engineer of 1.5 years. I'd like to do more hands on work that doesn't involve a desk... Not sure what yet. Love the outdoors and I've always wanted a job that had something to do wi...
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New Member
Hi everyone, my name is Wes Johnson and I've been a sales consultant/business development specialist for the past four years. I am very hardworking when it comes to hitting a specific quota and lov...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I will be graduating in a few weeks with my M.A. in Mental Health Counseling. I will be taking my NCE Summer 2013. Until then I am looking for a M.A. level position within the Mental H...
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New Member
#APMM @Google / Student #HECParis - IT enthusiast, Relentless trekker and Food lover :)
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New Member
I am a community artist working with visual arts. I am passionate about working creatively within communities to promote self empowerment. I have worked in Glasgow and Argentina in the past 4 years...
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New Member
Ciao, I am an Italian student of electrical engineering, I'm also passionate about building engineering and design. I'm looking for opportunity to work on energy technology on big infrastructures o...
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New Member
I am a college professor from Spain currently working in the U.S. Over ten years of work in academia and plenty of travelling have not diminished my desire of keeping wandering around the world. I'...
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New Member
Hello everyone. I’m an experienced event, non-profit, and project coordinator professional. I’m looking for job opportunities preferably in the corporate event planning field but open to any unique...
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