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Hi everyone, I have held board level roles in a variety of NHS organisations. I am currently working as a business development consultant for the Pharmaceutical and private healthcare sector as wel...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I’m working for an international energy provider where I have followed an exciting Management Traineeship for two years. Today, I’m looking for job opportunities in sustainable develop...
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New Member
Economist from La Sorbonne University (Paris). I spent one year travelling South America and conducting research on local sustainable development. Founder of Sumak Sustainable Travel (responsible t...
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New Member
I'm a creative exec. producer, with almost 14 years experience in tv business..i'm excited about life. Over active imagination.A good sense of humor is key. I'm looking for job opportunities in th...
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New Member
Hello!! I worked in litigation consulting for a year and a half and then I escaped to work with a non-profit organization based in Honduras and Panama for three years. I am now in India volunteerin...
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New Member
I'm not really escaping the city as I ready work in the charity sector. However, I really want to start my social enterprise in the heath and wellness arena (coaching, projects and mHealth) in UK o...
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New Member
Hi, this is Shen, currently "living" in Oahu, Hawaii. I am looking for sustainable methods to travel the world and explore new cultures and geographies. I am a studying student and have mostly wo...
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New Member
I am a man., Simple but in this perfect and imperfect. From Naples, the Original. I live inside the tourist and the entertainment. And I like the idea of changing the junk - the second-hand. And I...
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New Member
Nobi here. I'm an entrepreneur and freelance graphic designer. I have worked professionally in digital media for over 8 years now. In 2009 I founded an online travel co, Rollinglobe (www.rollinglob...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I am a marketing professional with 12 years experience in marketing communications, strategy, brand, events. I am looking for a new challenge that invloves travel overseas. I am also...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm a finance consultant from 6 years. I'm looking for a new job in musical ambit. I'm a pianist, I would like to use music therapy to help other people in Calabria or Italy. I would l...
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New Member
Hello everyone. Currently (until july 2013) i'm following a master in management, innovation and enterpreneurship (Antwerp Management School). Earlier this year I've spend 6 months doing etnographi...
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