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Hi everyone, I'm a finance consultant from 6 years. I'm looking for a new job in musical ambit. I'm a pianist, I would like to use music therapy to help other people in Calabria or Italy. I would l...
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Hello everyone. Currently (until july 2013) i'm following a master in management, innovation and enterpreneurship (Antwerp Management School). Earlier this year I've spend 6 months doing etnographi...
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New Member
I'm cris iversa, sales manager in the travel industry. In the past years i developed knowledge and skills in the sport industry, sales and tourism. I want to start my own business...which is...
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Hallo, I'm an Editing Consultant. I am looking for job opportunities in Editing, Language analysis and development, Children Literature. I would be glad to share my experience with any potential pa...
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Hello ... I am an generalist HR leader with significant experience in a large international corporate organisation. I am seeking an opportunity to leverage my experience to creatively shape the pe...
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I am an Interior Designer with a year and a half on the field experience and a year Diploma in Interior Design at KLC Design School which I complete this month. I look for a role as Design Assist...
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Sponsorship for adventures, a white elephant?
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With a reputation as a perceptive PR leader, I’m known within the industry as someone who can successfully build brand awareness by creating a “buzz” factor, staging unique events, and garnering bo...
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New Member
Try again, fail again, fail better. Musician, sailboat racer, travel industry professional, friction reducer, speed guru, trouble shooter, founder of Element Sailing.
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Hi peeps, I'm a lawyer living in London, formerly a prosecutor in New Zealand, with dreams of entertaining my interest in nutrition and fitness... With plans to move home to NZ in September 2013 I'...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I am a 6 year event coordinator with significant sales and marketing experience. I am looking for a new opportunity in an exciting and creative environment.
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Founder and CEO at The Fetch – a place for professionals to discover and share what's happening in their city. I'm a community strategist and digital marketer turned entrepreneur. Formerly writer a...
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