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Hello, I am a boy of 27 years old and live in Italy, more precisely in the province of Rome, my passion is the food, manage the family restaurant for over ten years, I'm looking for a facility abro...
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Multicultural new & social media professional. Passionate about disruptive technologies and sustainability.
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my name is Andrea Vianello. I'm 26 years old and I am looking for a graphic or construction-
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Hello, I am a sculptor kinetic work different materials (marble, iron, wood, etc..), I would like to create a large work for you! if you are interested let me know. Ciao sono uno scultore cineti...
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Hi Guys ! I'm a french communication manager, 5 years experience. I've stop my job and travelled a little bit. Because of travelling and meeting nice people I've decided to open my own company so ...
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I'm a student at UCL who worked for almost 3 years in the city. I am an entrepreneur and web dev who recently co-founded a small company called ConceptMill, we work with large name clients such as ...
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Hi there! I am a graphic and webdesigner. Master degree: Industrial design at Polytechnic of Milan. I did some work in Italy and Spain... I like to travel and discover new business opportunities......
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Assistenza Informatica a distanza di un click!
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We Connected Productions, LLC creates faith-based and family oriented TV/film projects. Winner of Best Short Film at Glory Reelz. Creators of Take A Leap!
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I'm a recent Mathematical Economics and Statistics graduate with excellent qualifications interested in finance positions within exciting organisations. I'm also a creative person with interests ra...
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Hello, I have 4 years experience writing, researching, and developing content for clients in various industries. My work is used training curriculums, key note presentations, for PR, and education....
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Hello beautiful people! I've been described as a real life superwoman who empowers people through facilitation to create the life, business, relationship, body etc. that they truly desire...beyond ...
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