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New Member
Hello everyone, I am a student of architecture, I graduate this year. I am looking for job opportunities in the field of interior design and architecture. I am very interested in sustainable archi...
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New Member
My name is Mark and at this time in my life I feel no future, I would like to do something to make sense of my present and my future, I want to change my life, the nation and fulfill myself, that i...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm a graphic designer with 28years experience.
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New Member
Hi I'm Romina, I studied fine arts in Italy. I'm looking for job opportunities with other creative people, for new project, studio, laboratory expecially in Printing. I'm looking potential partne...
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New Member
I think technology should help to improve the quality of our lives. Looking for a non-profit organization where my 5+ years experience in IT technologies could be useful.
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New Member
Hi everyone. I have worked almost three years in Paris as a lawyer specialised in finance law aspects of leveraged acquisitions. I have also a good understading of corporate finance aspects of thes...
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New Member
Fluent in French and proficient in Spanish, I thrive in social situations, forming relationships easily. Operations, planning, multi-tasking and motivating others are my key strengths in a professi...
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New Member
Greetings colleagues, I'm Theresa. I have over eight years strategic experience in the field of alumni relations, marketing, fundraising and events in the higher education sector. I am looking to ...
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New Member
Hello! Graduating from Georgetown University, looking for something extraordinary. Happy to help anyone in areas that are my strengths : entrepreneurship, global expansion, food industry, brand ma...
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New Member
17 (pretty great) years with a huge corporate, but when they sold off the business I had worked so hard to establish it was just the push I needed to escape. After a summer riding through Europe so...
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New Member
I have been in sales and marketing for more than 13 years in pharmaceuticals. I have experience in digital multi-channel marketing, change management, sales management, and training. I’m looking fo...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I'm a dairy advisor working in Italy with 15 years continuous experience. Now I'm thinking to change something in my life to improve my professional situation and to ensure something m...
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