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New Member
Hi, I'm a freelance translator from italian to german since 1994. I have also started my formation as dog trainer but I'm still on the go with that. I don't really have any great business ideas but...
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New Member
Hello community, As an ex-officer in the German army I am looking for new challenges. It can be in China, in New Zealand, Argentina, etc. I am not fixed on s.th. special. I like jobs related to ...
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New Member
I'm Federica, I l live in Italy and I'd like to start e new life in a new country, with my husband. I'm a marketing consultant, I work from 2005 in marketing dept of different important brands in...
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New Member
Hi everyone, I've recently left the Investment Banking Industry after 14 years. My primary focus had been on the sales / relationship management side of things. I'm currently looking at opportuni...
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New Member
I am business analyst (software) in a bank for 3 years after a 4 year financial controller experience in the same bank. I have a dream of living with purpose of being useful for the people. Specifi...
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New Member
Hello, I've been a professional Soldier for over 24 years. I am looking to start the next phase of my life in about two years, in an equally rewarding and invigorating way. I am a very "glass is ha...
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New Member
Interested in helping career changers.
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New Member
Been shackled far too long to a world of industrialists who continuously "abuse" the technological field(software development) I so completely love and respect. So have finally, second time round, ...
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New Member
Hi, I've been working with a women's clothing company for nearly five years as a trunk show coordinator and sample production manager. I'm looking for a career change in events planning or to work ...
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New Member
Hi! I'm an economist, working in economic consulting. I have previously worked in international development and diplomacy, both of which I'm really interested in. I'm looking for exciting opportuni...
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New Member
I am an Italian accounting manager of 50 who want to improve his English language with an abroad experience. I would like to work for foreign organisations who need Italian language specialists to ...
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New Member
Hi There, I'm a Merchant with 3 years of experience. I'm looking for job opportunities in retail or doing sales for a start-up abroad or domestically. I have a strong ability to connect with people...
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